J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №5 2021



Clinical Ophthalmology


Morphological and ophthalmoscopic features of epiretinal membranes after intravitreal injection of various doses of aflibercept in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy 

Ponomarchuk Vira S, Vit V. V., Umanets M. M. 

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Monitoring MMP-2 and MMP-7 levels in traumatic wounds of the ocular adnexa 

Petrenko O. V., Dranko M. M., Korniienko V.V., Hrytsai L.V.  

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Evaluation of corneal distortion characteristics in different eyes using Scheimpflug camera device   

Sbordone S., Ragucci A., Iaccarino G., Scognamiglio G., Serra L., Gironi Carnevale U.A., Lanza M. 

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Morphological, functional and structural changes in red blood cells of type 2 diabetes patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and different diabetes duration      

Hanyuk V. M., Petrenko O. V., Natrus L. V., Prusak O. I.  

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Ocular hemodynamics in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment complicated by choroidal detachment  

Khramenko N. I., Umanets M. M., Rozanova Z. A., Levytska G. V. 

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Visual disturbances before and after transnasal endoscopic surgery for craniopharyngiomas  

Iegorova K. S., Chukov A. A.; Guk M. O., Skobska O. Ie., Zadoianyi L. V., Kostiuk M. R. 

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Clinical features of the course of optic neuritis as a complication of idiopathic anterior uveitis  

Venger L. V.,  Savko V. V.,  Kovtun O. V., Sokolov  V. M. 

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Effect of optical-reflection method of accommodative facility training on meridional acuity in astigmats with amblyopia   

Kolomiyets V. A., Kachan O. V. 

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EEG rhythms and retinal morphometric parameters before and after conventional therapy with adjunctive neuroprotective agent for refractive amblyopia and strabismic amblyopia  

Boichuk I. M., Wael Badri. 

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                                                                          Experimental Studies

Neopterin level in the anterior segment of the eye in induced uveitis with ocular hypertension when treated by dipeptide carnosine  

Mykheitseva I. M., Bondarenko N. V., Kolomiichuk S. G., Kuryltsiv N. B.  

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Case Reports

Bilateral morning glory syndrome associated with persistent fetal vasculature syndrome and corpus callosum agenesis: a case report  

Bobrova N. F., Romanova T. V., Shilik A. V.

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Avoiding errors in the diagnosis of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in patients with age-related macular degeneration (Part 2: Example cases)  

Lutsenko N. S., Rudycheva O. A., Isakova O. A., Kyrylova T. S. 

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Chloroquine maculopathy in a patient on long-term chloroquine therapy for pulmonary sarcoidosis: a case report  

Malachkova N. V., Kozlova T. Ie. 

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Book Review: Ocular Burns and Their Treatment monograph, by  S.A. Iakymenko, Prof., Dr Sc (Med) 

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