J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №6 2022



Clinical Ophthalmology


Value of morphological OCT changes in the posterior lens capsule in optimization of surgical treatment for posterior capsular cataracts  


Lutsenko N. S., Isakova O. A., Rudycheva O. A., Kyrylova T. S., Iatsun G. V. 

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Our experience of laser iridotomy in patients with chronic angle closure glaucoma   


Lopadchak R. M., Novytskyy I. Ia., Fedus Ya. Z. 

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Assessing factors of endothelial vascular dysfunction in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma 


Dusmukhamedova A.M., Tuychibaeva D.M., Khadzhimetov A. A.  

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Prognostic risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus  


Alifanov I. S.,  Sakovych V. M. 

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Ophthalmological involvement and laboratory changes in patients with anca-associated vasculitis and polyarteritis nodosa


Iaremenko O., Petelytska L. 

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Rare neurogenic retinal tumors in adults: morphological features and diagnostic challenges


Lytvynenko M. V.,  Alekseeva V. V.,  Gargin V. V., Neskoromna  N. V.,  Koshelnyk O. L.,  Artemov O. V.

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Efficacy of exenteration of the orbit and sinus in malignant tumors of the ethmoidal labyrinth


Yevchev F.D.,  Yevcheva A.F.,  Gajevsky V.V., Poliakova S.I.

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Experimental Studies

Clinical and ultrastuctural changes in the rabbit retina at various doses and numbers of intravitreal melphalan injections  


Bobrova N. F., Sorochynska T. A., Molchaniuk N. I., Bratishko O. Iu.

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Literature Review

Optic Neuritis or Inflammatory Optic Neuropathy: a review 

Moyseyenko N. M. 

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Heat exchange in the human eye: a review 

Zadorozhnyy O. S., Korol A. R., Naumenko V. O., Pasyechnikova N. V., Butenko L. L. 

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Case reports


Corneal macular dystrophy. Case Presentation.


Leopoldo Garduño-Vieyra, Bruno Flores Escobar, Isabel De la Fuente Batta.

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Undiagnosed nevus of Оta, facial hemiparesis and esotropia: a case 

Leopoldo Garduño Vieyra, Raúl Rúa Martínez, Isabel de la Fuente Batta. 

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A case of Susac’s syndrome: bilateral retinal vessel occlusion in the presence of autoimmune inflammatory endotheliopathy  

Ulianova N. A., Zborovska O. V., Shulga  O. D.

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In Memoriam: Prof. Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Naumenko

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