J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №1 2021



Clinical Ophthalmology


Impact of corneal astigmatism on refractive outcomes after phacoemulsification with implantation of a spherical IOL  

Zavgorodnia N. G., Novikova V. Iu. 

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Objective criteria of the axial and refractive components in the modified classification for distinguishing among axial, refractive, mixed and combinatory myopias proposed based on the analysis of morphometric parameters of myopic and emmetropic eyes 

Maliieva O. V., Bushuieva N. M. 

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Diagnosing meridional amblyopia in astigmats on the basis of assessment of asymmetries in visual acuity and refraction as vector quantities 

Kolomiyets V. A., Kachan O. V., Kolomiyets N. V. 

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Cytological features of the bulbar conjunctiva in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 

Zhmud T. M., Drozhzhyna G. I., Demchuk A. V. 

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OCTA-based retinal microvascular bed assessment at the zones ranging from the fovea to the periphery  

Lutsenko N. S., Kyrylova T. S., Rudycheva O. A., Isakova O. A., Nedilka T. V. 

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Clinical experience of the use of Vasavital® in dry age-related macular degeneration and ischemic optic neuropathy 

Ponomarchuk V. S., Konovalova N. V.,  Khramenko N. I. 

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Analysis of the structure of eye diseases in the population of the South Aral Sea region 

Bakhritdinova F. A., Maksudova Z. R., Matkarimov A. K. 

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Сomparision of retinal nerve fibre layer defects in glaucomatous and normal fellow eyes of glaucomatous patients: an OCT based study 

Garg P., Raj P., Rathore S. 

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                                                                           Experimental Studies

Clinical picture of uveitis in the presence of ocular hypertension and improvement in disease course with dipeptide carnosine

Mykheitseva I. M., Bondarenko N. V., Kolomiichuk S. G., Siroshtanenko T. I. 

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Investigating the protective capacity of polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate against chromium (VI)-induced neurotoxicity of the rat optic nerve 

Kuzenko O. V., Dyomin Y. A., Kuzenko E. V. 

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Literature Review

Results and possible prospects of genetic technology in ophthalmology (literature review). Part I. 

Gavrilova N. A., Tishchenko O. Ie., Zinov’eva A. V. 

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Case Reports


A case of endophthalmitis associated with gonococcal sepsis 

Krasnovid T. A., Svystunov I. V., Sidak-Petretskaia O. S., Bondar N. I. 

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In Memoriam: Georgii Ivanovich Zheltov 

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Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2020 


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