J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №5 2022



Clinical Ophthalmology


Role of polymorphisms of folate-cycle enzymes in diabetic retinopathy progression in patients with type 2 diabetic mellitus   


Rykov S. O., Prokopenko Iu. V., Natrus L. V., Panchenko Iu. O.  

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Clinical manifestations of keratitis and corneal ulcers in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a retrospective analysis  


Riazanova L. Y.,  Drozhzhyna G. I.  

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Using a liposomal ozone-based solution in comprehensive treatment of bacterial keratitis 


Sakovych V. M., Aleksieieva O. V. 

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Assessing the early and late impact of excimer laser correction for myopia on the development of dry eye syndrome  


Mogilevskyy S. Yu., Zhovtoshtan M. Yu.  

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A novel technique of evisceration or enucleation secondary to trauma, chronic uveitis or uveal melanoma, with permanent and removable fixation of the ocular prosthesis in a musculoskeletal stump


Maletskyi A. P., Bigun N. M.  

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Neuroophthalmic abnormalities in supranuclear palsy 


Venger L.  V.,  Khubetova I.  V.  

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Diagnostic assessment by fluorescein visualization of skin cancer lesion margins and surgical treatment of malignant skin tumors of the external nose


Yevcheva A. F. 

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Literature Review

Photobiomodulation therapy in ophthalmology 


Zadorozhnyy O. S., Korol A. R., Nasinnyk I. O., Kustryn T. B., Nevska A. O.; Pasyechnikova N. V. 

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Case Reports

A case of acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy: clinical analysis and differential diagnosis 


Konovalova N. V., Khramenko N. I., Guzun O. V., Slobodianyk S. B., Kovtun O. V. 

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Non-Hodgkin B-cell MALT lymphoma of marginal zone of the upper eyelid 


Malachkova N. V.,  Prus Ye. L.,  Mahdebura S. O.  

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Pathomorphological features of the necrotic orbital wall lesions and orbital soft-tissue lesions in COVID-19-associated cavernous sinus thrombosis: a case report 


Oripov O. I., Bilalov E. N., Israilov R. I., Umarov R. Z., Bilalov B. E., Khudaibergenov G. U. 

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Organization of Eye Care

Psychological testing of individuals in stressful situations: test-taking attitudes and perception of visual stimuli



Biron B. V.,Bulakh I. A., Volkova O. O., Olkhovskyi D. F., Rodin V. S. 

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