Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) №5 2020



Clinical Ophthalmology


Efficacy of phacoemulsification combined with goniosynechialysis for primary angle closure glaucoma

Novytskyy I.Ia., Lopadchak R.M., Novytskyy M.I. 

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Pseudoexfoliative glaucoma: clinical sign

Bezkorovayna I.M., Jouini Dhia Eddine, Bezega N.M. 

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Levels of pro-inflammatory (TNF-α and IL -6) and anti-inflammatory (IL -10 and IL- 4) interleukins in ocular herpes patients with frequent and infrequent recurrences

Khramenko N.I., Gaidamaka T.B., Drozhzhyna G.I., Velychko L.N. 

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Pupil response to accommodation and convergence in children and adolescents with accommodative disorders

Dukhayer Shakir, Bushuieva N.M., Slobodianyk S.B. 

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Efficacy of adjunctive autologous serum in the comprehensive treatment of bacterial corneal ulcers in patients with diabetic mellitus 

Zavoloka O.V., Bezditko P.A. 

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A novel concept of differences in pathogenetic mechanism of diabetic retinopathy progression between type 2 diabetes mellitus patients differing in the PPARγ genotype

Natrus L.V., Mogilevskyy S.Yu., Panova T.I., Rykov S.O., Bykhovets M.Iu. 

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Pediatric orbital fractures: clinical and CT features and criteria for selecting a treatment option

Slobodianiuk A.S., Chepurnyi I.V., Efimenko V.P., Shuklina Iu.V., Kopchak A.V., Petrenko O.V., Iakovenko L.M., Rykov S.O. 

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OCT-measured morphological and structural parameters of the retinal ganglion cell complex in compressive optic neuropathy

Iegorova K.S., Biloshytskyi V.V.,  Znamenska M.A., Guk M.O., Mumliev A.O., Tsiurupa D.M. 

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Neuro-ophthalmological abnormalities in patients with ischemic stroke in the setting of a stroke center of a university clinic

Muratova T.M., Venger L.V., Khramtsov D.M., Vorokhta Iu.M., Teliushchenko V.D. 

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Clinical, morphological, CT and MRI characteristics of anterior skull base and orbital tumors 

Palamar O.I., Lukach E.V., Guk A.P., Maletskyi A.P., Poliakova S.I., Kravets O.V., Serezhko Yu.O., Okonskyi D.I.

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Prevalence of non-infectious corneal diseases

Maharramov P.M. 

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Innovations in Ophthalmology

Strategies for the development of cyber-ophthalmology

Danyk Y., Zborovska O., Pasyechnikova N. 

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History of Ophthalmology

Contribution to ophthalmology and jurisprudence made by the Filatov-Gernet family: formative years

Kindiuk B. V., Ovcharuk S. S., Stechishin A. V., Baklan O. V. 

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Vladimir E. Shevalev, the disciple Academician V. P. Filatov loved

Bobrova N.F., Shevaleva V.V. 

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