J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №6 2020



Clinical Ophthalmology


Results of retinotomy for retinal detachment with marked proliferative vitreoretinopathy 

Novytskyy I. Ia., Smal R. M.,  Plevachuk O. Iu., Andriiuk Ia. V.

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Comparing the microflora of the conjunctiva and contact lens in therapeutic soft contact lens wearers  

Veliksar T. A., Gaidamaka T. B., Drozhzhina G. I., Molodaia A. L., Ivanova O. N., Dolenko L. V., Konakh V. N.  

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Serum TNF-α and IL-1β levels in patients with RNFL thinning in uveitis complicated by optic nerve inflammation 

Panchenko M. V., Nikolaienko M. M., Honchar O. M., Prykhodko D. O., Pereiaslova H. S., Sokol O. O.   

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Comparing detection rates of near-infrared transpalpebral transillumination, ultrasonography and radiography for foreign bodies in the anterior segment of the eye 

Kogan M. B., Zadorozhnyy O. S., Petretska O. S, Krasnovid T. A., Korol A. R. 

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Experimental Studies

Late ultrastructural changes in the rat chorioretinal complex following injection of mixture of 40% ethanol and 100% methanol 

Molchaniuk N. I. 

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Response of soft tissues and abdominal organs of rabbits and rats to implanting albucid-containing cross-linked polyurethane composite 

Galatenko N.A., Rozhnova R.A., Kuliesh D.V., Visloguzova T.V., Maletskyy A.P., Bigun N.M.

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Relationship of the ocular surface temperature with the clinical features of induced non-infectious anterior and intermediate uveitis in rabbits  

Dorokhova O. E., Zborovska O. V., Guanjun Meng. 

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Changes in endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity over time after induction of experimental diabetic retinopathy 

Sirman Ya. V., Savytskyi I. V.  

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Literature Review

Neuro-opthalmological and neuro-surgical aspects of papilledema 

Vasyuta V. A., Biloshytsky V. V., Pichkur L. D., Huk A. P.,  Malysheva O. Yu., Borovyk L. R. 

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Case Reports

A case of radiation cataract found 29 years after radiation exposure 

Pasyechnikova N. V., Fedirko P. A., Babenko T. F. 

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ANA-associated uveitis in the presence of reactivated HHV-7 infection in a patient with MBL deficiency 

Maltsev D. V.,  Hurzhii O. O. 

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Strabismic amblyopia regression post refractive surgery 

Leopoldo Garduño Vieyra, Raúl Rúa Martínez, Raúl Macedo Cué

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Retinal vein occlusion in Сrohn's disease  

Saadouli D., Ben Mansour K., Farae M., Loukil I., El A Frit M. A.

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Organization of Ophthalmic Care

Time budget allocation by and stress and job satisfaction among eye care workers 

Liseienko O. V., Savenkova I. I., Semeniuk N. S., Suslova V. O., Pereviazko L. P. 

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Report concerning the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference «Topical Issues of Ophthalmology» 

Pasyechnikova N. V., Naumenko V. O., Berezovska K. O., Volkova Yu. S., Ivanchukova H. V., Myrnenko V. V., Anishchenko Iu. O. 

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