J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №2 2021





Clinical Ophthalmology


Conjunctival cytology in patients treated for ocular infectious diseases  

Dzhamalova Sh.  A.,  Yangieva  N.  R., Kuryazova  Z.  Kh.

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Relationships between target intraocular pressure and central corneal thickness in stabilized and non-stabilized glaucoma patients

Dmitriev S. K., Peretiagin O. A., Lazar Yu. M., Tatarina Yu. A.

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Transcription factor NF-kB in the prognosis of outcomes for patients undergoing repeat keratoplasty  

Komakh Y. A., Borzenok S. A., Radygina T. V., Kuptsova D.  G., Petrichuk S. V.  

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Comparing the efficacy of monofocal and multicfocal IOLs in phacoemulsification of cataract in eyes with high myopia  

Zavgorodnia N. G., Mykhailenko N. V., Sarzhevska L. E., Zavgorodnia T. S., Sarzhevskii A. S. 

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Features of dry eye manifestations in patients with different durations of diabetes mellitus  

Nabieva I. F., Khaidarova F. A., Bakhritdinova F. A., Oripov O. I.

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Optimizing the management of dry eye in corneal and conjunctival cicatrization secondary to severe burns to the eye  

Iakymenko S. A., Amjad Albin.

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                                                                           Literature Review

Results and possible prospects of genetic technology in ophthalmology (literature review). Part 2.  

Gavrilova N. A., Tishchenko O. Ie., Zinov’eva A. V. 

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Angioid streaks of the retina  

Korol A. R., Rostel V. V. 

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Case Reports

Reconstructive duet in a pole-to-pole surgery for ocular trauma: a pediatric case study  

Bobrova N. F., Umanets M. M. 

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Complications secondary to a retained metallic intraocular foreign body  

Krasnovid T. A., Sidak-Petretskaia O. S., Bondar N. I. 

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Ocular manifestations of trigeminal autonomic cephalgias: analysis of cases  

Biloshytskyi V. V., Vasyuta V. A., Biloshytska M. 

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COVID-19-associated cavernous sinus thrombosis: a case report  

Oripov O. I., Bilalov E. N. 

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History of Ophthalmology 


Symbols of ophthalmology and famous Ukrainian oculists in the mirror of numismatics  

Syniachenko O. V., Iermolaeva V. M., Liventsova K. V., Verzilov S. M., Gerasimenko V. V. 

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Book Review: Retinoblastoma: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment monograph, edited by N.F. Bobrova, Prof., Dr Sc (Med)

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Expert Consensus.  Management of patients with chronic retinal diseases in the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and in Ukraine    

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