J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №3 2022



Clinical Ophthalmology


Association of primary open-angle glaucoma with endothelial NO-synthase (NOS3) rs2070744 (T-786C) in a Ukrainian population   

Isaiev O. A., Serdiuk V. M. 

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A prospective comparative study of the effect of ocular digital compression and non-compression following peribulbar anaesthesia on visual acuity and pupillary reactions  

Ajay Sharma, Laalasa M.,  Krishna T. 

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Changes in clinical and biochemical characteristics in combination treatment for diabetic macular edema 

Drozdov V. O.,  Sakovych V. M. 

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Use of Vasavital® in patients with diabetic retinopathy 

Khramenko N. I., Umanets M. M., Medvedovska N. V., Levytska G. V., Rozanova Z. A.

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Experimental Studies

Effect of experimental type 2 diabetes complicated by pyelonephritis on ultrastructural changes in the choroid, retina and nephrons  

Borisov S. O., Kostiev F. I., Borisov O. V., Dekhtiar Yu. M., Vit V. V., Molchaniuk N. I., Mikheytseva I. M., Kolomiichuk S. G., Amaied Ahmed. 

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Influence of corvitin and metformin on biochemical changes in lacrimal glands of rats during water avoidance stress modeling 

Matsytska Ye. K., Akimov O. Ye., Mykytenko A. O. 

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Assessing the impact of anti-inflammatory interleukin IL-10 and flosteron, a long-acting corticosteroid, on the course of corneal burn process  

Iakymenko S. A., Dzhygaliuk O. V., Gavryliuk M. V. 


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                                                                            Literature Review

Choroideremia – A clinical insight and differential diagnosis 

Ali Nouraeinejad. 

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Case Reports

Managing proliferative diabetic retinopathy in a patient with vitreous hemorrhage: a case report 

Koshchynets  O.  B., Vadiuk  R.  L. 

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Papilledema in chronic subdural hematoma: how often it is seen and what has changed? 

Kadzhaia M. V., Malysheva T. A.,  Vasyuta V. A.,  Gotin O. S., Diadechko A. O., Borovik L. R. 

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Вranch retinal vein occlusion on Coats disease during COVID-19 infection: a case report

Leopoldo Garduño Vieyra, Raúl Rúa Martínez, Bruno Flores Escobar. 


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Organization of Eye Care

Developing a scale for assessing coping behavior in situations of danger 

Rodina N. V.,  Dotsenko O. Iu.,  Kernas A. V.,   Pereviazko L. P.,  Vornikova L. K. 


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History of Ophthalmology

Professor Susanna Aleksandrovna Barkhash, the founder of pediatric ophthalmology in Ukraine (on the occasion of the 110th birthday) 

Bobrova N. F. 

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In Memoriam: Zbandut Inna Semenovna, literary editor of the "Ophthalmological Journal" 

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