J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine) №6 2021


Clinical Ophthalmology


Exploring the features of keratometry readings in premature children  


Soboleva I. A., Borysenko Y. Y. 

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Visual outcome following cataract surgery in children of 2 months to 16 years age: a prospective study in a tertiary eye care center  


Deepthi Slesser N., Nasrin Y., Krishna Prasad P. 

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Expression of lymphocyte activation markers CD 54 (ICAM-1), CD 5, CD 95 (FAS) and neutrophil activation marker CD15 in the peripheral blood of patients with intermediate uveitis and healthy individuals  


Velychko L. M.,  Zborovska O. V.,  Kuryltsiv N. B., Bogdanova O. V. Soboleva I.A., Borysenko Y.Y. 

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Development of new Methods of Selection of Multifocal Intraocular Correction in cataract Surgery   


Alnoelaty ALmasri M.A., Stebnev V.C. 

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Ultrastructural features of epiretinal membranes after intravitreal injection of various doses of aflibercept in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy    


Ponomarchuk Vira S., Molchaniuk N. I., Umanets M. M. 

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Longitudinal changes in neuroophthalmological abnormalities in patients who underwent surgery for skull-base epidermoid cysts  


Fedirko V. O., Iegorova K. S., Lisianyi O. M., Naboichenko A. G, Onishchenko. P. M., Tsiurupa D. M., Iegorov M. V., Shust V. V., Lisianyi A. O. 

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Hypotensive effect of endotrabeculectomy as a function of the stage of glaucoma and preoperative intraocular pressure in patients with primary openangle glaucoma  


Novytskyy I. Ia. , Levytska O. V. 

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Results of the study on the impact of eye disease on child quality of life  


Medvedovska N. V. 

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                                                                           Literature Review

Neuro-opthalmological aspect of ocular motor abnormalities  


Vasyuta V. A., Biloshytsky V. V., Korobova O. V., Huk A. P., Zhdanova V. M., Kadzhaia M. V.

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Case Reports

Sympathetic uveitis in children: a case report and literature review


N. F. Bobrova, S. A. Tronina, O. V. Ivanytska, L. M. Velychko, O. V. Artiomov, A. V. Bogdanova

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A case of persistent recurrent herpes zoster ophthalmicus in a patient with primary mannose binding lectin deficiency   


Maltsev D. V. 

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A case of OCT evidence of retinal breaks in a myopic patient woman at 38 weeks of gestation  


Ivanytska O.V., Terletska O. Iu., Levytska G.V. 

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A case of ocular lesions in a patient with both tick borne borreliosis and toxoplasmosis  


Sakovych V. M., Ustymenko S. B., Berezniuk L. G., Garkava N. A. 

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Report on the clinical study of glautan and original travoptost in patients with primary open angle glaucoma

Soboleva IA

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