Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine) №4 2020




Clinical Ophthalmology


Intraventricular hemorrhage as a risk factor for retinopathy of prematurity


Katsan S.V., Adakhovska A.O., Budivska E.S. 

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Orbital US-based characteristics in Graves’ disease-associated autoimmune ophthalmopathy


Buldygina Yu.V., Terekhova G.M., Shelkovoy Ie.A., Fed’ko T.V. 

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Findings of ocular and brain hemodynamics in patients with anterior uveitis complicated by macular edema


Khramenko N.I., Konovalova N.V. 

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Clinical course of compressive optic neuropathy in skull-base tumors


Iegorova K.S., Zadoianyi L.V., Guk M.O., Chukov A.A., Ukrainets O.V., Danevych L.O., Mumliev A.O. 

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A New Parameter in The Etiology of Hyperopic Anisometropic Amblyopia: Corneal Densitometry 


Erdinç Bozkurt, Ersin Muhafız, Hayrunisa Bekis Bozkurt, Serif Nizamoğlu. 

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Brain potential response to activation procedures in children with refractive amblyopia


Boichuk I.M., Badri Wael. 

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A structural and functional study of the retina in patients with schizophrenia


Kozub K.E., Shelepin Iu.E., Chomskii A.N., Sharybin E.A., Ivanova E.A. 

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Experimental Studies

Histomorphology of the healthy fellow eye in the rabbit with unilaterally induced non-infectious anterior and intermediate uveitis


Dorokhova O., Maltsev E, Zborovska O., Meng Guanjun. 

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Ultrastructural changes in the rabbit retina after various one-time doses of intravitreal melphalan


Bobrova N.F., Sorochynska T.A., Molachaniuk N.I., Bratishko A.Iu. 

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Assessing in vitro cytotoxicity and pH of extracts of synthetic polymers made of cross-linked polyurethane composite with immobilized albucid


Galatenko N.A., Kuliesh D.V., Narazhaiko L.F., Grytsenko V.P., Zakashun T.Iu., Maletskyy A.P., Bigun N.M. 

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Literature Review

Current view on retinal OCT imaging nomenclature and terminology


Lutsenko N.S., Rudycheva O.A., Isakova O.A., Kyrylova T.S. 

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Use of prisms in ophthalmology: a review. Part 1. The use of prisms in strabismus: historical background, methodologies and their outcomes


Serdiuchenko V.I. 

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Current aspects of surgical repair for orbital wall fractures: a literature review


Oripov O.I., Bilalov E.N., Boymurodov Sh.A. 

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Mathematical modelling in ranking timolol single active ingredient drugs by the efficacy criterion

Sakovych V.M., Makarenko O.V., Kryvoviaz O.V., Tomashevska Yu.O., Koval V.M. 

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