Problems of clinical ophthalmology 

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Experimental studies 

Drozhzhina G. I., Sereda E. V., Gaidamaka T. B., Vit V. V., Shabliy V. A., Lobyntseva G. S. Influence of the corneal biological covering with cryocorserved amniotic membrane on the peculiarities of the course of modeled bacterial keratitis.

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Moroz O. A. The influence of quercetin and lipoate on the enzymes of extinction of free-radical forms of oxygen (superoxide dismutase and catalase) in experimental diabetes. 

Dumbrova N. E., Molchanyuk N. I. Ultrastructural changes of ganglionic and M?ller’s cells of the rat’s retina caused by methanol intoxication.

Literature review 

Maltsev E. V., Zborovskaya A. V., Dorokhova A. E. Modeling of diabetic retinopathy (achievements and drawbacks). 

Practical case 

Bobrova N. F., Vit V. V., Sorochinskaya T. A., Bahmatskaya N. I. Melanoma of the ciliary body and iris in a 4-year-old child. 


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