Problems of clinical ophthalmology

Terentjeva L. S. The main directions and stages of studies on the problem of ophthalmooncology made in Filatov Institute. Achievements and tasks

Polyakova S. I. Value of the combined estimation of MkAT CD7+, CD38+, CD45+, CD54+, CD150+ for differential diagnosis of the character of the lacrymal tumor of epithelial genesis

Classification of eye choroidal melanomas

Chalanova R. I., Degtyarenko T. V. Practical value of the clinical and immunological evaluation for ophthalmocombustiology (the 3rd report)

Aslanova V. S., Umanets M. M., Ivanitskaya O. V. Pneumatic retinopexy in treatment of patients with the optic nerve pit complicated by serous macula detachment

Maltsev E. V., Usov V. Ya., Zhmud T. M., Dorokhov I. M. Physical and chemical identification of foreign bodies removed from the traumatized eye cornea

Gaydamaka T. B., Leus N. F., Drozhyna G. I., Kolomijchuk S. G. Activity of Leicynaminopeptodase of the Tear at Patients with Herpetic Keratitis — the Criterion of Inflammatory Process Activity

Experimental studies

Sukhina L. A., Perekrestov M. B. Morphologic peculiarities of healing of the experimental corneal purulent ulcer in application of the therapeutictectonic keratoplasty with autoscleral flaps

Savko V. V, Khelifi Amani Bent Ayachi, Parkhomenko T. V. Influence of allergic uveitis on indices of lipid peroxidation of the chamber humor in experimental glaucoma

Serdyuk V. N., Semenko V. V. Level of the products of the lipid peroxidation processes in the retina and visual nerve in modeling of glaucoma

Leus N. F., Girzheva A. V., Zhuravok Yu. A. Influence of bioflavonoids (quercetin and rutin) on development pathological changes in the lens in modeling age-related cataract

Usov V. Ya., Tarik Abou Tarboush. Peculiarities of cataract development in condition modeling inflammation process in the cornea

Leus N. F., Ben Abdallah Anis Ben Slumfne Peculiarities of cataract development in rabbits with experimental diabetes


Koshits I. N., Svetlova O. V., Ryabtseva A. A., Makarov F. N., Zaseeva M. V., Mustyatsa V. F. The role of the eye fibrous membrane rigidity and sclera fluctuation in early diagnosis of open-angle glaucoma

Organization problems in ophthalmology

Chudnyavtsev S. E. Rules of the open and closed systems of market as a basis of medical management


Sidorova M. V. Vascular pathology of the eye: haemor-heological disorders and pathogenetic methods of treatment

Aids to practical doctors

Brutskaya L. A. Treatment of amblyopia

Practical cases

Ponomarchuk V. S., Khramenko N. I. A syndrome of Laurence-Moon- Bardet-Biedle

Review report

Sergienko N. M. A review on the monograph of M. V. Sidorova «Clinical ophthalmology. A colored Atlas»


In commemoration of Valentina Mikhailovna Nepomyaschaya