Problems of clinical ophthalmology

Pasechnikova N. V., Naumenko V. A., Korol A. P., Zadorozhny O. S. Comparative efficacy ofrevealing sub-retinal neovascular membranes by a method of longwave fundusgraphy and fluorescent angiography

Mogilevsky S. Yu., Pavlyuchenko A. K. A new method of prevention and treatment of subepithelial haze of the cornea after excimer laser correction of myopia: 1 year follow-up

Bobrova N. F., Dembovetskaya A. N., Kusmina N. B. Anterior capsulorhexis by congenital and squired changes of anterior lens capsule

Poljakova S. I. Self-descriptiveness of computer-tomographic signs for differential diagnosis of tumours of the lacrimal gland of epithelial genesis

Pavlyuchenko K. P., Mogilevsky S. Yu., Panchenko Yu. A. The level of cortisone in humor of the anterior chamber in patients with primary glaucoma: 6 months of follow-up

Zhmurik D. V. Surgical tactics of treatment of retinal detachment complicated by PVR

Galpert Ya. I., Serdjuchenko V. I. The oculomotor and sensor disorders of the apparatus of binocular vision in children with children's cerebral paralysis

Experimental studies

Pasechnikova N. V., Zborovskaya A. V., Kustrin T. B. Influence of photodynatic properties of methylene blue on the culture of Candida albicans of influence on it of laser

Kalashnikov V. V. Study of influence of additional introduction of biotin on development of in lenticular opacity in modelling of light cataract

Literature review

Bezdetko P. A., Pakhomova A. V. Possibility of application of the «Trental» in the complex treatment of vessel optical neuropathy

A lecture

Bouiko A. S. Malignant epithelial tumours of the eyelid skin — occurrence, risk factors, classification, diagnosis, methods of treatment and their results

Surgical technique

Venger L. V. Elaboration of a new method of iridophaco-prosthetic implantation in patients with aniridia and aphakia



Problems of clinical ophthalmology

Bobrova N. F., Dembovetskaya A. N., Zhekov A. K. Concomitant pathology in children under 2 with congenital cataracts

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Sergienko N. M., Kondratenko Y. N., Novitsky A. N., Lysenko M. G. Early results of Descemet's stripping with endothelial keratoplasty

Polyakova S. I., Velichko L. N. The expression of antigens CD 16, CD 25, CD 95 on the lymphocytes in peripheral blood of patients with epithelial tumours of the lacrimal gland at different character of disease

Venger L. V. Differential approach to reconctructive treatment of patients with partial and total aniridia

Kapechuc V. V., Parchomenko T. V. Condition of oxidized-restorations, processes and lipofilic antioxidizing system in patients with acupe vascular optic neuropathy

Experimental studies

Pasechnikova N. V., Zborovskaya A. V., Samoluk N. A. Antibacterial effect of methylene-blue activated by laser irradiation with a wave length of 630 nm on the culture of Staphylococcus Aureus

Gladush T. I., Bajdan E. I. Dysfunction of mitochondial structures of the retina in experimental diabetes and possilities of their correction

Literature review

Zhmud T.M. Cornea traumas with metallic foreign bodies

To assist a practitioner

Tyazhka N.P. The method of early diagnostic of the dry form age-related macular degeneration


Sergienko N. M. Review on the Randbook of S. A. Goncharova, A. M. Petrunya, G. V. Panteleev «Ophthalmologie service in Lugansk region 125 years»

Author's index of papers published in «Ophthalmologie Journal» in 2008