Problems of clinical ophthalmology

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Experimental studies

Pasechnikova N. V., Drozhzhina G. I., Ivanova O. N., Nasinnik I. O., Popandopulo A. G., Kavelina A. S.  Peculiarities of cultivation of the monolayer of fetal fibroblasts on the soft contact lenses, with contain the collagen 

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Dumbrova N. E., Molchanyuk N. I. Ultrastructural changes in the elements of the choroids-retinal complex of the eyes of rats after the action of the methyl alcohol

Literature review

Drozhzhina G. I., Podanevich E. V. Endothelial keratoplasty

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A lecture

Wolfgan Shalk. Lutein and seaxantin: two principal сош ponents for the healthy eyes

Experience exchange

Maletskiy A. P., Khomyakova E. V. Efficacy of radio-wave surgery in treatment of melanomas of the irido-ciliary zone and choroids (Preliminary results)


Marcus-Matthias Gellrich. A step backwards can be a step forward — new perspectives for slit lamp photography

Minakova S. Y., Dmitriev S. K. The improved method of primary posterior curvilinear capsulorhexis

Practical case

Bobrova H. F., Kuzmina N. B. A case of purulent uncer of the cornea after wearing contact lenses with cosmetic purpose


International conference of the ophthalmologist «Filatov's readings»