Problems of clinical ophthalmology

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Velichko L. N., Vit V. V. Peculiarities of interaction of the melanoma cells with macrophages of the peripheral blood of patients with uveal melanoma in different clinical course of the tumor process

Experimental studies

Maltsev E. V., Zborovskaya A. V., Dorokhova A. E. The state of the retinal and vascular membranes of the rabbit eye with diabetes mellitus modeled by dithizone. Report 3. PAS-positive material

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Umanets M. M. Influence of high frequency electric welding of the biological tissues on duration of bleeding with the main vessels of the retina in modeling intraocular bleeding in rabbits in comparison with diathermocoagulation


Discussion of the paper of R. I. Chalanova «Simplified classification of the clinical course of severe burn process in the eye and tactics of therapeutic measures» (Ophthal. Journal N6, 2011)

Yakimenko S. A., doctor of medical sciences, professor (head of the department of the burn pathology of the eye SE «Institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy named after V. P. Filatov)

Gozhenko A. I., doctor of medical sciences, professor (director of SE «Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine of HM of Ukraine)

Demidov V. M., doctor of medical sciences, professor (department of general surgery of Odessa National Medical University)

Exchange of experience

Popova E. A, Kovalenko Yu. V. Cataract phacoemulsi-fication with implantation of of toric IOL — an effective method of intraocular correction of astigmatism

Practical case

Krasnovid T. A., Vit V. V., Aslanova V. S., Kovalchuk A. G. About penetration of the eyelashes inside the eye

Moiseenko N. M. Case of the traumatic optic neuropathy 

Conferences, congresses

Pasechnikova N. V., Naumenko V. A., Moroz O. O., Stoilovskaya E. G., Martoplyas K. V., Mirnenko V. V. A report on holding the scientific-practical conference of ophthalmologists of the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lvov, Ternopol and Chernovtsy regions of Ukraine

Of those who are nearby

Elchiev G. A. A doctor should be honest. We do important work


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