Published on-line: 15 March 2022

Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2021 


TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2021. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2022;1:84-8.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202218488


Clinical Ophthalmology

Alnoelaty ALmasri MA, Stebnev VC. Development of new methods of selection of multifocal intraocular correction in cataract surgery. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2021;6:21-24. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202162124 

Bakhritdinova FA, Kangilbaeva GE, Nabieva IF, Jurabekova AZ.  Prediction of the progression of diabetic retinopathy based on hemodynamic data. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:26-31. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202142631

Bakhritdinova FA, Maksudova ZR, Matkarimov AK. Analysis of the structure of eye diseases in the population of the South Aral Sea region. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:46-9.    http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202114649

Boichuk IM, Tarak Alui. Accommodative convergence–accommodation ratio and fusional capacity in patients with constant and intermittent exotropia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:39-42. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202143942 

Boichuk IM, Alui Tarak. Stereopsis before and after surgical treatment for constant versus intermittent exotropia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:23-27.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202132327

Boichuk IM, Wael Badri. EEG rhythms and retinal morphometric parameters before and after conventional therapy with adjunctive neuroprotective agent for refractive amblyopia and strabismic amblyopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:56-63.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202155663

Bondarchuk ОD, Dmytrenko IV, Didyk ND, Isniuk AS. Endonasal orbitotomy as a first treatment for posttraumatic intraorbital hemorrhages in patients with frontal basilar trauma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:53-6. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202145356 

Buldygina YuV, Zamotaieva HA, Terekhova GM, Stepura NM, Klochkova VM, Fed’ko TV. Role of cytokines, IL1-β and IL-10, in the development of endocrine ophthalmopathy in Graves’ disease. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:48-52. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202144852 

Deepthi Slesser N, Nasrin Y, Krishna Prasad P. Visual outcome following cataract surgery in children of 2 months to 16 years age: a prospective study in a tertiary eye care center. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:8-15. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh20216815 

Dmitriev SK, Peretiagin OA, Lazar YuM, Tatarina YuA. Relationships between target intraocular pressure and central corneal thickness in stabilized and non-stabilized glaucoma patients. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:10-15.http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202121015  

Dzhamalova ShA,  Yangieva  NR, Kuryazova  ZKh. Conjunctival cytology in patients treated for ocular infectious diseases. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:3-9.http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021239    

Fedirko VO,  Iegorova KS,  Lisianyi OM,  Naboichenko AG,  Onishchenko PM,  Tsiurupa DM,  Iegorov MV, Shust VV, Lisianyi AO. Longitudinal changes in neuroophthalmological abnormalities in patients who underwent surgery for skull-base epidermoid cysts. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:31-40. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202163140

Garg P, Raj P, Rathore S. Сomparision of retinal nerve fibre layer defects in glaucomatous and normal fellow eyes of glaucomatous patients: an OCT based study. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:50-4.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202115054

Gudzenko KA, Mogilevskyy SIu. Predictors of the risk of developing diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus and primary open-angle glaucoma in the course of a comorbid condition. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:3-9.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021339

Hanyuk VM, Petrenko OV, Natrus LV, Prusak OI. Morphological, functional and structural changes in red blood cells of type 2 diabetes patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and different diabetes duration. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:21-7.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202152127

Iakymenko SA, Amjad Albin. Optimizing the management of dry eye in corneal and conjunctival cicatrization secondary to severe burns to the eye. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:36-39.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202123639 

Iegorova KS, Chukov AA, Guk MO, Skobska OIe, Zadoianyi LV, Kostiuk MR. Visual disturbances before and after transnasal endoscopic surgery for craniopharyngiomas. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:35-40.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202153540

Iegorova KS, Guk MO, Pichkur LD, Zadoianyi LV, Konakh VN. Longitudinal visual functional recovery in compressive optic neuropathy in patients with primary pituitary microadenoma after endoscopic transnasal surgery. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:28-33.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202132833

Khramenko NI, Umanets MM, Rozanova ZA, Levytska GV. Ocular hemodynamics in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment complicated by choroidal detachment. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:28-34. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202152834

Kochina ML, Kaplin IV, Kovtun NM, Maslova NM, Yavorsky OV. Results of a study on the stress-strain behavior of the cornea in polarized light under conditions of visual work. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:61-6. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202146166  

Kolomiyets VA, Kachan OV. Effect of optical-reflection method of accommodative facility training on meridional acuity in astigmats with amblyopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:47-55.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202154755

Kolomiyets VA, Kachan OV, Kolomiyets NV. Diagnosing meridional amblyopia in astigmats on the basis of assessment of asymmetries in visual acuity and refraction as vector quantities. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:17-23.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202111723

Komakh YA, Borzenok SA, Radygina TV, Kuptsova DG, Petrichuk SV.  Transcription factor NF-kB in the prognosis of outcomes for patients undergoing repeat keratoplasty. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:16-22.http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202121622   

Lutsenko NS, Krasnozhan OV, Efimenko NF. Preoperative serum 25-hydroxycalciferol levels in Kherson-region patients with cataract only, cataract plus glaucoma or cataract plus high myopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:15-22.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202131522

Lutsenko NS, Kyrylova TS, Rudycheva OA, Isakova OA, Nedilka TV. OCTA-based retinal microvascular bed assessment at the zones ranging from the fovea to the periphery. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:32-7.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202113237 

Lutsenko NS, Rudycheva OA, Isakova OA, Kyrylova TS. Avoiding errors in the diagnosis of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in patients with age-related macular degeneration (Part 1). J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:32-38. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202143238 

Maliieva OV, Bushuieva NM. Objective criteria of the axial and refractive components in the modified classification for distinguishing among axial, refractive, mixed and combinatory myopias proposed based on the analysis of morphometric parameters of myopic and emmetropic eyes. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:10-6.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202111016 

Meisam Akhlaghdoust, Saeid Safari, Poorya Davoodi, Shaghayegh Soleimani, Ehsan Ebadian. The relation between Eyelid Tumors and Demographic Variable. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:57-60. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202145760 

Medvedovska  NV. Results of the study on the impact of eye disease on child quality of life. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:48-51. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202164851 

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Novytskyy IIa,  Levytska OV. Hypotensive effect of endotrabeculectomy as a function of the stage of glaucoma and preoperative intraocular pressure in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:41-47. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202164147

Panchenko IuO, Mogilevskyy SIu, Rykov SO, Zhaboiedov DG, Umanets MM, Ziablitsev SV. Predicting DME recurrence following surgical treatment for diabetic maculopathy in a Ukrainian population of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:9-18. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh20214918 

Parkhomets RA. Efficacy of orthokeratology lenses depending on topograpy pupil diameter and lens optical zone size. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:67-71. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202146771

Petrenko OV, Dranko MM, Korniienko VV, Hrytsai LV.  Monitoring MMP-2 and MMP-7 levels in traumatic wounds of the ocular adnexa. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:10-3.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202151013

Ponomarchuk VS, Konovalova NV,  Khramenko NI. Clinical experience of the use of Vasavital® in dry age-related macular degeneration and ischemic optic neuropathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:38-45.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202113845

Ponomarchuk Vira S, Molchaniuk NI, Umanets MM. Ultrastructural features of epiretinal membranes after intravitreal injection of various doses of aflibercept in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:25-30. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202162530

Ponomarchuk Vira S, Velychko LM, Umanets MM. Vitreous VEGF levels among patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy depending on the general clinical status and ocular status. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:19-25. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202141925

Ponomarchuk Vira S, Vit VV, Umanets MM. Morphological and ophthalmoscopic features of epiretinal membranes after intravitreal injection of various doses of aflibercept in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:3-9.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021539

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Soboleva IA, Borysenko YY. Exploring the features of keratometry readings in premature children. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2021;6:3-7. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021637

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Velychko LM,  Zborovska OV,  Kuryltsiv NB,  Bogdanova OV. Expression of lymphocyte activation markers CD 54 (ICAM-1), CD 5, CD 95 (FAS) and neutrophil activation marker CD15 in the peripheral blood of patients with intermediate uveitis and healthy individuals. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:16-20. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202161620  

Venger LV,  Savko VV,  Kovtun OV, Sokolov  VM. Clinical features of the course of optic neuritis as a complication of idiopathic anterior uveitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:41-6.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202154146

Zhmud TM, Drozhzhyna GI, Demchuk AV. Cytological features of the bulbar conjunctiva in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:24-31.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202112431

Zavgorodnia NG, Mykhailenko NV, Sarzhevska LE, Zavgorodnia TS, Sarzhevskii AS. Comparing the efficacy of monofocal and multicfocal IOLs in phacoemulsification of cataract in eyes with high myopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:23-30. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202122330  

Zavgorodnia NG, Novikova VIu. Impact of corneal astigmatism on refractive outcomes after phacoemulsification with implantation of a spherical IOL. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:3-9.    http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021139

Zavoloka OV, Besditko PA, Karliychuk MA.   Сhanges in bacterial keratitis grade 2 in patients with diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:3-8. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021438 

Experimental Studies

Kuzenko OV, Dyomin YA, Kuzenko EV. Investigating the protective capacity of polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate against chromium (VI)-induced neurotoxicity of the rat optic nerve. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:62-69.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202116269

Mykheitseva IM, Bondarenko NV, Kolomiichuk SG, Kuryltsiv NB.  Neopterin level in the anterior segment of the eye in induced uveitis with ocular hypertension when treated by dipeptide carnosine. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:64-70.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202156470

Mykheitseva IM, Bondarenko NV, Kolomiichuk SG, Siroshtanenko TI. Clinical picture of uveitis in the presence of ocular hypertension and improvement in disease course with dipeptide carnosine. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:55-61.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202115561

Mykheitseva IM,  Molchaniuk NI, Muhammad Abdulhadi, Kolomiichuk SG, Suprun OO.  Ultrastructural changes in the chorioretinal complex of the rat after inducing form-deprivation axial myopia only, diabetic retinopathy only and diabetic retinopathy in the presence of myopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:72-8.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202147278 

Troichenko LF, Drozhzhyna GI, Moloda AL, Dolenko LV. In vitro investigation of the effect of photosensitizer-mediated 365-nm UV light and 630-670-nm low-energy laser irradiation on the fungal flora, Candida albicans and Fusarium spp. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:34-40.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202133440

Literature Review

Aznabaev BM, Dibaev TI, Mukhamadeev TR, Vafiev AS, Idrisova GM. Modern aspects of using of ultrasonic energy in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:61-65.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202136165

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Case Reports

Biloshytsky VV, Vasyuta VA, Biloshytska M. Ocular manifestations of trigeminal autonomic cephalgias: analysis of cases. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:64-68. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202126468  

Bobrova NF,  Romanova TV,  Artiomov  OV, Brin MV. Clinical and morphological characteristic of the case of secondary enucleation of the eye with retinoblastoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;4:79-85. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202147985 

Bobrova NF, Romanova TV, Shilik AV. Bilateral morning glory syndrome associated with persistent fetal vasculature syndrome and corpus callosum agenesis: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2021;5:71-6.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202157176

Bobrova NF, Romanova TV, Shilik AV. Complicated uveal cataracts after intrauterine viral infection: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:70-74.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202137074

Bobrova NF, Tronina SA, Ivanytska OV, Velychko LM, Artiomov OV, Bogdanova AV. Sympathetic uveitis in children: a case report and literature review. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:56-63. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202165663

Bobrova NF, Umanets MM, Dembovetskaia AN, Bratishko OYu. Reconstructive duet in a pole-to-pole surgery for ocular trauma: a pediatric case study. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;2:55-60. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202125560

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Maltsev DV. A case of persistent recurrent herpes zoster ophthalmicus in a patient with primary mannose binding lectin deficiency. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;6:64-68. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202166468

Lutsenko NS, Rudycheva OA, Isakova OA, Kyrylova TS. Avoiding errors in the diagnosis of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in patients with age-related macular degeneration (Part 2: Example cases. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:77-83.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202157783  

Malachkova NV, Kozlova TIe. Chloroquine maculopathy in a patient on long-term chloroquine therapy for pulmonary sarcoidosis: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:84-7.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202158487

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Umanets MM, Naumenko VO, Tukilush TM. Lens nucleus masquerading as recurrent uveal melanoma: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:66-69.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202136669

History of Ophthalmology 

Bobrova NF. Professor Zinaida M Skripnichenko, the founder of Ukrainian ocular traumatology. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:75-82.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202137582

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In Memoriam: Georgii Ivanovich Zheltov. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;1:81.   http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021181

In Memoriam: Tetiana Andriivna Alifanova. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:83-84.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202138384


Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2020 http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202118284

Book Review: Ocular Burns and Their Treatment monograph, by  S.A. Iakymenko, Prof., Dr Sc (Med). J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;5:88  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2021588

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Organization of Eye Care

Rodina NV, Biron BV, Suslova VO, Kernos AV, Grytsenko OS. Psychosemantic analysis of eye care workers’ percepts of creative abilities. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2021;3:41-48.  http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh202134148


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