A book review for “Keratoprosthesis” by S.A. Iakimenko, Prof., Dr. Med. Sc.


TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: A book review for “Keratoprosthesis” by S.A. Iakimenko, Prof., Dr. Med. Sc. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:78. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh2019678

“Keratoprosthesis” by Prof. S.A. Iakimenko was published in 2018. The author, prof. S.A. Iakimenko, is the Head of Department of Burn Injuries and Plastic and Reconstructive Ophthalmic Surgery at the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of the NAMS of Ukraine. The first chapter introduces the history of using keratoprosthesis, describes constructions and methods of keratoprosthesis beginning from the idea inception to up-to-date data both in our country and abroad Chapter II demonstrates the data of experimental and histomorphologic studies on keratoprosthesis which have been carried out both at the Filatov Institute and other research centers. In Chapter III, study methods for eyes with leucoma which have developed and used at the Filatov Institute are described. Chapter IV gives a description and photos of keratoprostheses developed by the author as well as results of their application including those with the long-term follow-up (to 45 years). Chapter V demonstrates the methods and techniques of keratoprosthesis developed and used at the Filatov Institute. In Chapters VI and VII, there is a description of the author’s pre-prosthetic and leukoma-strengthening measures which are used in keratoprosthesis. Chapter VIII describes and analyzes complications in keratoprosthesis and gives methods of their control. The author’s data are compared with those of other researchers. Chapter IX demonstrates the author’s methods for diagnosis and surgical treatment of secondary post-burn glaucoma in eyes with leucoma in keratoprosthesis. Results of keratoprosthesis in 1060 eyes (1040 patients) with leucoma performed at the Filatov Institute within 50 years are given in Chapter X. Both the number of the patients operated on and the results are unique and testify to the high efficacy of the developed keratoprosthesis technique as a new method for vision recovery in leucoma which is unsuitable for optical cornea transplantation. Chapter XI justifies the necessity of preventive medical examination, gives the recommendations for professional and occupational orientation and medical-labour expert commission for keratoprosthesis patients. The book is well written in Russian with good illustration and is read with great interest. 

The reviewer, Drozhzhyna G.I., Professor, Dr. Med. Sc., the Head of Corneal Pathology Department of the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy  of the NAMS of Ukraine.

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