№1 - 2014


Problems of clinical ophthalmology

Bobrova N. F., Romanova T. V., Nesterets E. D. A method of prophylaxis of the postoperative inflammation in surgery of complicated uveal cataract in children

Bobrova N. F., Dumbrova N. E., Dembovetskaya A. N., Romanova T. V., Molchanyuk N. I. Microinvasive interventions with preservation of the transparent lens in obscure pupillary membranes

Bushueva N. N., Romanenko D. V., Tarnopolskaya I. N. Results of the surgical treatment of associated squint with preliminary modeling of operations by using three-dimensional biomechanical model of the eye

Rykov S. A., Goncharuk D. V., Tumanova O. V. Comparative analysis of changes in the posterior section of the eye in different damages of the eye ball in children

Konovalova N. V. Dynamics of the state of the immune system in patients with tuberculosis uveitis against the background of treatment

Stotska L. M., Stotska L. S. Peculiarities of hemodynamics of the brain in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma against the background of vegetative tension

Konovalova N. V., Naritsina N. I., Serebrina T. M., Reznichenko A. L. To the problem of prophylaxis of acute ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve

Chechin P. P., Safronenkova I. A., Guzun O. V., Repyah V. S., Kovalchuk A. G., Drachenko K. G. Efficacy of laser coagulation with a wave length of 0.57 microns in tumours of the iris and iridociliary zone (preliminary studies)

Velichko L. N. Immunocorrection effect of the drug Amixin in patients with uveal melanoma during combined organpreserving treatment

Safronenkova I. A. Differentiating and activation markers of the peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with malignant epithelial tumours of the eyelids

Kayali A. The state of the extraocular muscles of the eye in patients with endocrine ophthalmopathy according to the data of computer tomography

Experimental investigations

Savko V. V., Vashah Zijad Mahmud Ahmed Influence of the lipoic acid on the regenerative potential of thiol compounds in the retina in modeling age maculodystrophy in animals with allergic uveitis

Leus N. F., Girzheva A. V., Zhuravok Yu. A. Influence of bioflavonoids on the lens stability in cataractogenic effect of the light energy in experiment

Zhmurik D. V., Hramenko N. I., Slobodjanik S. B., Milienko M. V. Experimental study of the influence of short-term tamponade with perfluorine organic compounds on the bioelectric functional activity of the retina of the rabbit eye

Dumbrova N. E., Molchanjuk N. I. Peculiarity of ultrastructure of the chorioretinal complex of rats in dynamics after introduction of the increased dose of methanol

Nedzvetskaya O. V., Petrushenko D. A. Influence of the level of acetaldehyde of retrobulbar cellular tissue on the morphofunctional state of the retina, choroid and optic nerve in experimental chronic alcoholic intoxication

Chalanova R. I., Kolomiychuk S. G., Parkhomenko T. V., Mbarki M. Dynamics of contents nitrogen amine and oksiproline in the rabbits cornea by use of intervein injection citoflavine in alkaline burns treatment

Zborovska O. V., Kuriltsiv N. B. Dynamics of changes of the rabbit immune status in exogenic staphylococcal endophthalmitis using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy with methylene blue and intravitreal introduction of antibiotic

Krasnovid T. A., Aslanov S. K., Grubnik N. P. Modeling of the eyeball contusion of different degree of severity in different kinds of animals

Practical cases

Zborovskaya A. V. Doirokhova A. E., Uvarenko L. A., Kurilyuk A. N., Goryanova I. S. Unilateral pigmented retinitis

Zadoyanniy L. V., Vasyuta V. A., Egorova E. S., Bratmus N. N., Zhdanova V. N. Neurophthalmologic symptoms of hydrocephaly

Review on the monograph of professor N. Ph. Bobrova «Recovery surgery of the eye injury in children