Oftalmol Zh. 2013;6:51-56.


Vitrectomy using a high-frequency electric welding of biological tissue during resection of hemangioma of the retina in patients with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome

Umanets N, Pasechnikova N, Vit V, Naumenko V

SI «The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine»

Odessa, Ukraine

Introduction. Vitrectomy with resection of the hemangioma of the retina is per forme at later stages of the von Hippel -Lindau syndrome. The main complication of this surgery procedure is bleeding from the blood feeding vessels of the tumor.

Purpose. To study the features of vitrectomy using a high-frequency electric welding of biological tissue during resection of hemangiomas of the retina in patients with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome.

Material and methods. We observed 10 patients (10 eyes) with von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. Three-port 20G vitrectomy was performed. For the purpose of hemostasis was performed high-frequency electric welding supply vessels and retinal hemangioma around the tumor parameters — voltage 24—30 V, current — 0.3 A, frequency — 66.0 kHz, exposure — up to 1.0 seconds. Retinotomy was then performed around the tumor, followed by removal of hemangioma of the vitreous cavity through the sclerotomy for further histological examination. 

Results. Ophthalmoscopically retinal hemangioma looked like an oval orange — red in color tumor like tissue, ranging in thickness of the retina. There were no any hemorrhagic complications during hemangiomas resection. In long-term follow up retina reattachment was achieved in all cases. Ophthalmoscopically was a decrease in the caliber of feeding vessels, chorioretinal scar with signs of pigment on the edge of the retinotomy. Visual acuity improved in 40 % of cases. 

Conclusion. Vitrectomy with resection of the hemangioma is an effective treatment for patients with von Hippel -Lindau syndrome. The use of high-frequency electric welding of biological tissues during endoresection of angioma nodes to allow us to avoid bleeding from the blood vessels in all cases. This is due to obliteration of the lumen of blood vessels in areas of welding applications of the probe due to the development of coagulation necrosis.

Key words: retina, hemangioma, high-frequency electric welding of biological tissue, von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, vitrectomy.


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