Oftalmol Zh.2013;4:16-20


Efficacy of combined endotrabeculoectomy and phacoemulsification surgery

I. Novytskyy, M. Novytskyy

 Lviv National Medical University named after Daniel Galician, Department of Ophthalmology

e-mail: INovytskyy@gmail.com

Key words: open-angle glaucoma, IOP, endotrabeculoectomy, cataract, phacoemulsification

Introduction. Searching of new effective and safe procedures for glaucoma and cataract surgery is still actual question.

Purpose. To examine effectiveness and safety of the new technique of glaucoma and cataract surgery.

Material and methods. 108 patients (126 eyes) with open-angle glaucoma and cataract were observed. Mean preoperative IOP was 24,2±1,7mm Hg. All of the patients underwent endotrabeculoectomy and phacoemulsification. 

Results. Surgery time for endotrabeculoectomy prolonged procedure for 5,6±1,2 minutes. 7 days after surgery IOP significantly (p<0,001) decreased for 5,2±0,6 mm Hg and was 19,0±1,3 mm Hg. After J month IOP was 18,8±1,2 mm Hg. After 6 months mean IOP was 18,8±1,2 mm Hg and was stable. Thre patients underwent repeated surgery — trabeculectomy. The number of medications decreased from 2,1±0,3 before surgery to 0,6±0,1 — after surgery.

Conclusion. Combined endotrabeculoectomy and phacoemulsification is effective and safe procedure. It is easy to perform, takes short time and leads to significant and stable decreasing of IOP.


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