Oftalmol Zh.2013;4:61-66


Effect of transport taurine antagonist — ? -alanine on biochemical indicators in the retina animals experimental diabetes

K. P. Pavlyuchenko, E. V. Sorokina 

Донецкий национальный медицинский университет им. М. Горького

Key words: experimental diabetes, retina, mitochondria, lysosomes, taurine.

Studied indicators of functional intracellular structures of the retina (the mitochondria and lysosomes) in animals with experimental streptozotocin diabetes in violation of taurine transport by antagonist — ? -alanina. Research conducted on two groups of animals-1 (main) received stern antagonist of taurine 1 % ? -alanine and 2 — (control) with the usual diet pitaniyalzuchali active free form of the lysosomal enzyme acid phosphatase and mitochondrial enzyme systems (activity of succinate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, pyruvate dehydrogenase, a-ketodegidrogenazy, NADH oxidase, cytochrome oxidase, ATPase, glutamate) in 2 and 6 months. Activity of the mitochondrial matrix enzyme systems of internal and external membrane transport of taurine in violation of his antagonist ? -alanine reduced by 16 % and 22 % compared with that of the animals with diabetes who did not receive ? -alanine . Primenenie causes a severe disturbance of the stability of the lysosomal membrane of the retina at 6 month term streptozotocin diabetes, the degree of labilization of lysosomes increased by 16,8 %.


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