Oftalmol Zh.2011;6:15-20.

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Rukov S. A., Kondratenko Yu.N., Novitskiy A. N., Kisil A. R.

Kiev, Ukraine

Recently questions on the central thickness of cornea (CTC) and its role in the risk of development and progression of primary open-angle glaucoma have been discussed in the Ukrainian and foreign publications. Little attention is paid to a question of taking into account paracentral and peripheral thicknesses of the cornea (PcTC and PTC) during the estimation of the rate of progression of POAG in the long-term follow-ups.

The article presents a study of the three basic zones of the cornea (CTC, PcTC and PTC) as a possibility of their influence on the rate of POAG progression in patients with the long-term follow-up. As a result of the investigation there was revealed the substantial difference of PTC index between the groups of patients with a different rate of the POAG progression. The index of PcTC also revealed these differences but at the considerably smaller level than the previous one. The index CTC practically did not reveal the difference between the different groups of patients. The high difference in the cornea thickness in separate segments (lower, lower, temporal and temporal — lower) between all groups of patients was also revealed. The degree of differences in the indices of the measured zones and the separate segments was highest between the groups with slowly and rapidly progressing POAG and smallest between the groups with the average and rapid rate of progression of the pathologic process.



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