Oftalmol Zh.2010;2:50-54.



Bobrova N. F., Dumbrova N. E., Molchanyuk N. I., Shevchik V. I.

Odessa, Ukraine

There was discovered by electron microscope that during the suturing of the corneal wound by 100%-sutures a reparation process is similar to suturing by 2/3 depth suture. But in the first case more significant activation of the extra- and intracellular reparation process in the epithelium, stroma elements and endothelium was observed by the 7 postoperative day. As a result, the ultrastructure of the corneal wound was almost identical to the unwounded cornea in 1 month. At the same time, alterative changes were observed in cases with 2/3 depth suture. These results can be explained by better functional conditions of the endothelium (in the full-thickness sutured cornea), as the structure with considerable regeneration, polypotential properties and potent pump function.



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