Published on-line: 31 December 2018

Human body donation in foreign legislations

Alireza Pakhlevanzade, Dr Sc (Med)

International Humanitarian University; 

Odesa (Ukraine) 

E-mail:  ozernuk@ukr.net

Background: Investigation of the features of foreign legislations governing the donation of human body is required to solve the issues pertaining to the legal regulation of body donation in Ukraine.

Purpose: To examine the features of foreign legislations governing the donation of human body for research and educational purposes.

Materials and Methods: Systemic-and-structural and comparative legal methods of research were used. In addition, relevant regulatory foreign legal acts and works of foreign scientists were examined.

Results: A comparative legal study of national legal frameworks on body donation with regard to some foreign countries was conducted. The main legal provisions regulating the procedure for handing over the cadaver to and its use in research and educational institutions were examined.

Conclusion: The most commonly used grounds for handing over the cadaver to relevant institutions for research or educational purposes were determined.

Keywords: body donation, transplantation, foreign legislation



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