A case of combination of Eales disease and Arnold Chiari syndrome

V.S. Ponomarchuk, Doctor of Sc. (Med)

N.I. Naritsyna, Candidate of Sc. (Med)

N.V. Konovalova, Doctor of Sc. (Med)

T.M. Serebrina, Candidate of Sc. (Med)

V.B. Reshetniak

Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy

Odessa, Ukraine

E-mail: phosphere@te.net.ua

Purpose. A description of a rare combination of Arnold — Kiari syndrome and Eales Disease is given. 

Material and Methods. We followed up a 24 y.o. patient with Eales Disease combined with Arnold — Kiari syndrome.

Results. According to clinical and functional examination data, a patient was diagnosed Ealse disease. Taking into account changes in the optic disc which are not typical for that disease, a patient was performed MRT of the head which revealed the presence of Arnold — Kiari syndrome.

Conclusion. The present clinical case is evidence of combination of Arnold — Kiari syndrome and Eales Disease, thus, practical ophthalmologist should have that in mind and examine patients carefully.

Key words: Eales Disease, Arnold — Kiari syndrome, diagnostics


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