Oftalmol Zh.2015;2:36-41


Functional effect of indirect revascularization in treatment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Zavgorodnyaya N. T., Dedov A. V., Ivakhnenko A. M.

1 SI «Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of Ukraine»; 

2 Zaporozhye State Medical University; Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

Introduction. Retinal detachment without treatment leads to irreversible blindness. Functional rehabilitation after reattachment of the retina is an important and significant issue. Correction of hemodynamic deficit may be a promising direction, and indirect revascularization intervention can improve the blood flow to the eye without manipulation with the eye tissues and with principle of preservation of the antegrade blood flow in the ophthalmic artery. 

Aim. To determine the functional efficacy of indirect revascularization interventions in patients operated by the extrascleral methods for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

Materials and methods. 52 patients of the main group (operated by the extrascleral methods they were also performed ligation of the terminal branches of the external carotid artery) were examined, dopplerography and rheoophthalmography were made — both with compression tests before and after the interventions. The control group comprised a retrospective analysis of 40 case histories from the archive of Zaporizhzhya regional hospital.

Results. There was found an increase in visual acuity by 0.1 and expansion of the total field of vision by 21.07 degrees in patients of the main group. The influence of the blood flow level in the short posterior ciliary arteries and preoperative visual acuity on visual acuity at the 7th day, suggested an important role of the blood supply to the choroid in restoration of the visual function after retinal reattachment.

Key words: Retinal detachment, ocular hemodynamics, indirect revascularization, extrascleral interventions.


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