Published on-line: 16 August 2021

On the 90th birthday of Inna Semnovna Zbandut, literary editor of Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal

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Every morning for the last sixty-seven years, Inna Semenovna Zbandut, a thin little intellectual-looking woman and the irreplaceable copy editor of our journal since 1978, goes along the French Boulevard to her place of work at the institute. She does not believe that she could live without going along this path, the path to the temple of science created by a great scientist, Acad. Vladimir Petrovich Filatov. This path of life was a gift of fortune to her.

Inna Semenovna Zbandut (née Soldatenko) was born on August 17, 1931, in Kharkiv; her father, Semion Ste-panovich, was a forest engineer, and her mother, Valentina Efimovna, a typist. Inna Semenovna’ father was trans-ferred to work to the Odessa Forestry District in 1933, and since that time her life has been closely associated with the South Palmira. 

After leaving school, she entered the Mechnikov University of Odessa, where she graduated in Biology in 1954. That year I.S. Zbandut joined the Filatov institute as a laboratory assistant in the Laboratory for Optical Functions under Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Malinovskii, a senior researcher and Laboratory Head, and Varvara Vasil’ievna Skorodinskaia, a senior researcher and Head of Physical Therapy Department. She was actively involved in exper-imental and clinical studies on the etiopathogenesis of myopia. In 1964, she was promoted to junior researcher of the laboratory, and since that year was involved in experimental studies on the supporting function of the sclera in the postembryonic development of the eye. These studies resulted in a Cand Sc (Biology) thesis entitled “Experi-mental study on the supporting function of the sclera in the postembryonic development of the eye and refraction”. The thesis was performed under the supervision of A.A. Malinovskii, Dr Sc (Biology), and successfully defended at the meeting of the Academic Council of the School of Biology at the Mechnikov University of Odessa in 1967.

After defending her Cand Sc (Biology) thesis, I.S. Zbandut together with senior researchers V.V. Skorodinskaia and S.S. Cherniak was actively involved in studies on the geography of myopia in Ukraine and continued her stud-ies on the pathogenesis of myopia. The results of these studies were reported at conferences and publications. 

From 1969 to 1978 I.S. Zbandut worked as a researcher at the re-established Department for Science and Medi-cal Information under senior researcher L.S. Zholnorovich, where she created a large card file for ophthalmological subjects with references to specific articles from the journals and article collections delivered to the Filatov institute library at that period.

In 1978, upon the suggestion of the Filatov institute Director, Acad. Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Puchkovskaia, she was transferred to work in the editorial office of the journal. For more than 40 years she has been working there as a copy editor and corrector, making journal articles conforming to the requirements of the Universal Decimal Classification System and maintaining office documentation.

Inna Semenovna Zbandut is a creative person with a poetic talent, and her collection of verses entitled “A Late Debut” was published in 2010.


Do you believe in incomprehensibility, in the hunch

Which so incidentally appeared and illuminated your existence?

Do you know that such things occur when 

Your soul suddenly feels that your intelligence has comprehended the truth?

How cannot you understand the inspirations that instantly

Transform the signals from your past dreams and vision, thus removing personal internal restrictions?

All these things are well understood (let’s leave Freudianism behind!)

And are likely comparable to such an idea as magnetism … 

(written on December 18, 2018).


Her inner and outer beauty and lively shining eyes contribute to her magnetism as a person. Along her career at the institute, Inna Semenovna has been enjoying respect from her colleagues and exemplifying professionalism, industriousness, and honest attitude towards her work. 

The staff of the Filatov institute and colleagues of Inna Semenovna cordially congratulate her on her 90th birthday and wish her good health, productive work, creative inspiration and many happy returns of the day.