Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2019


Clinical ophthalmology

Alifanov IS, Sakovych VN, Alifanova TO. Disability due to ocular complications of diabetes mellitus in Ukraine. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:34-38. 

Aliyeva IJ, Abdiyeva YJ. Prevalence of and risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in areas differing in local access to endocrinologic care. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:13-17.

Anatychuk LI, Pasyechnikova NV, Naumenko VA, Nazaretian RE, Umanets MM,  Kobylianskyi RR,  Zadorozhnyy OS. Intraoperative changes in intraocular temperature during vitrectomy procedures with irrigating solutions differing in temperature. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:33-38.

Anatychuk LI, Pasyechnikova NV, Naumenko VA, Zadorozhnyy OS, Khramenko NI, Nazaretian RE, Kobylianskyi RR.  Temperature of and heat flux density from the external ocular surface in diabetic retinopathy patients: a pilot study. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:3-6. 

Babkina TM, Spizhenko NIu, Valchishin SV, Dykan IN, Kolotilov NN. Opportunities of diagnostic imaging in monitoring the radiosurgery treatment for uveal melanoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:42-48

Bezditko PA, Melnyk VO, Kolotilov SV. Spectroscopic analysis of intraocular fluid in patients with cataract and pseudoexfoliation syndrome-associated glaucoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:3-6

Bezkorovaina IM, Nakonechnyi DO, Dun Fan Hui, Bezkorovaina A.O. Qualitative assessment of the tear film in young adults. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:20-25.

Boichuk IM, Naumenko VO, Zborovska OV, Dorokhova OE. Characteristics of eye movements in the anti-terrorist operation area’s residents with potential posttraumatic stress disorder. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:52-55.

Bondarchuk О.D., Kishchuk V.V., Melnykov О.F., Tymchenko М.D., Didyk N.D. Status of humoral immune factors in peripheral blood of fronto-orbital trauma patients late after surgery with the use of biocomposite. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:37-41. 

Bondarchuk ОD, Kishchuk VV, Melnykov ОF, Tymchenko МD, Didyk ND. The immune status of patients with frontal bone trauma with implant SYNTEKIST used in surgical treatment. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:38-42.

Buldygina YuV, Terekhova GM, Strafun LS, Fed’ko TV, Klochkova VM, Savosko II, Lysova ZG. Asssociation of vitamin D with autoimmune ophthalmopathy in Graves’ disease. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:49-55. 

Buldygina YuV, Terekhova GM, Fed’ko TV, Klochkova VM, Strafun LS, Savosko I I, Lysova ZG. On selenium deficiency in Graves’ disease patients with autoimmune ophthalmopathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:50-54. 

Drozhzhina G I, Troichenko LF, Ostashevskii VL, Kogan BM, Gaidamaka TB, Ivanovskaia EV. Mistakes in the treatment of pterygium. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:18-22.

Guliyeva RN. Retinal structural changes in patients with Alzheimer's disease. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:33-37.

Guzun OV, Drozhzhyna GI. Comprehensive treatment of patients with refractory glaucoma complicated by bullous keratopathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:17-22.

Iakimenko SA, Kostenko PO. Current surgical rehabilitation techniques for patients with total bilateral symblepharon. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:8-12.

Iegorova KS, Guk MO, Guk OM, Danevych LO, Tsiurupa DM, Mumliev AO. Neuroophthalmological symptoms of pituitary adenomas with supraparasellar extension. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:22-26.

Iegorova KS, Guk MO, Skobska OIe, Zadoianyi LV. Neuro-ophthalmological symptoms in pituitary apoplexy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:46-51.

Katsan SV, Adakhovskaia AA. Axial length and refraction errors in premature infants with and without retinopathy of prematurity. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:39-43.

Katsan SV, Fedotova SG. Serum VEGF levels in infants at risk for developing retinopathy of prematurity. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:9-13.

Kogan MB, Zadorozhnyy OS, Petretska OS, Krasnovid TA, Korol AR, Pasyechnikova NV. Visualization of intraocular foreign bodies in the projection of the ciliary body by transpalpebral near-infrared transillumination. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:23-27.

Konovalova NV, Khramenko NI, Guzun OV. Prevention of macular edema and secondary degeneration of the macula and posterior pole in anterior uveitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:14-21. 

Konovalova NV, Khramenko NI, Guzun OV, Serebrina TM. On the treatment of degeneration of the macula and posterior pole. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:23-28.

Lutsenko NS, Rudycheva OA, Isakova OA, Kyrylova TS. Assessing OCTA changes in morphology and structure of retinal microvascular bed in patients with exudative AMD. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:7-13.

Mogilevskyy SIu, Panchenko IuO, Ziablitsev SV. New risk factors for post-surgical recurrent diabetic maculopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:9-17.

Mogilevskyy SYu, Panchenko IuO, Ziablitsev SV.  Predicting the risk of diabetic retinopathy-associated macular edema in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:3-8. 

Moyseyenko NM. Features of the application of neuroprotective therapy for traumatic optic neuropathy in the clinical setting. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:41-44.

Moyseyenko NM. Value of neurohumoral dysfunction in the pathogenesis of traumatic optic neuropathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:28-32.

Nazarchuk OA, Chereshniuk IL, Palii DV. Current antiseptics: a study on their antimicrobial activity and toxic effects on the corneal epithelium. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:26-31.

Panchenko IuO. Value of TNF-? (rs1800629) polymorphism in recurrent maculopathy after surgery in a Ukrainian population of T2DM patients. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:15-22. 

Panchenko MV, Shevchenko NS, Demianenko MV, Honchar OM, Avilova LG. Features of the course and treatment of JIA-associated uveitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:22-27.

Peretiahina DO, Ulianova NA. SS-OCT-derived morphometric changes in the choroid in patients with age-related macular degeneration. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:63-69. 

Petrenko OV, Dranko VV, Golubnycha VM, Grytsai LV. Formation of biofilms in traumatic injuries of the ocular adnexa. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:39-43. 

Putienko AA. Results of vitreous surgery with 20% C3F8/air mixture for macular holes larger than 800 ?m. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:33-38.

Rudavska L, Novytskyy I. Stabilization of glaucoma after non-perforating deep sclerectomy with laser trabeculoplasty ab externo. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:44-48. 

Rykov SO, Natrus LV, Bykhovets MIu. PPAR?-mediated differences in energy substrate among T2DM patients differing in the stage of diabetic retinopathy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:7-14. 

Rykov SO, Usenko KO, Mogilevskyy SIu, Ziablitsev SV, Denisiuk LI. Relationship of the recurrence after pterygium surgery with the presence of HSV, EBV, CMV, HPV, and BRAFV600E mutation. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:3-8.

Ryzhova IP, Skorobogatova OV. Neurological and ocular manifestations of chronic cerebral ischemia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:32-35.

Suk SA, Kyryliuk ML, Rykov SO. Blood sICAM-1 levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with various grades of DME. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:18-21.

Tsekhmister IV, Daniliuk IV, Rodina NV, Biron BV, Semeniuk NS. Developing a stress reaction inventory for eye care workers. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:39-45.

Tsukanova IV, Poliakova SI, Naumenko VO, Pasyechnikova NV. Efficacy of 810-nm diode laser transpupillary thermotherapy delivered using the methodology developed for small (T1) choroidal melanomas. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:36-40.

Tsukanova IV, Poliakova SI, Velichko LN, Bogdanova AV. Changes in immunity characteristics in patients with small (T1) choroidal melanoma after a course of 810-nm diode laser TTT delivered using the developed methodology. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:28-32.

Tsukanova IV, Poliakova SI, Velichko LM, Bogdanova OV. Changes in the expression of molecular markers of peripheral blood lymphocyte activation in patients with small (T1) choroidal melanoma after transpupillary thermotherapy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:27-29. 

Tsybulska TYe, Gorbachova SV, Zavgorodnia TS. Clinical and diagnostic value of impairments in electrolyte metabolism in children with acquired myopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:14-19.

Vasilyeva IG, Zhdanova VN, Chopik NG, Makarova TA, Galanta ES, Tsiubko OI. Cranial nerve III and/or VI function abnormalities associated with active herpesvirus infection: Clinical experience and literature review. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:9-16.

Vasyuta VA, Pedachenko YuE. Study of etiologic factors for optic atrophy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:44-49.

Vit VV, Molchaniuk NI, Poliakova SI, Tsukanova IV. Ultrastructural features of choroidal melanomas after 810-nm diode-laser transpupillary thermotherapy delivered using the developed methodology. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:56-62. 

Vlasova OI, Podshivalkina VI, Rodina NV, Miliutina KL, Liovochkina AM. Features of social and psychological adjustment in visually impaired adolescents. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:30-36.

Yakymenko IV,  Ulianova NA, Venger LV, Shakun KS. Results of using the novel method for predicting the development and course of glaucomatous optic neuropathy in POAG. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:3-8.

Zadorozhnyy O, Guzun O, Kustryn T, Nasinnyk I, Chechin P, Korol A. Targeted transscleral laser photocoagulation of the ciliary body in patients with neovascular glaucoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:3-7.

Zaichko KS, Katsan SV, Ivanytska OV. SD OCT retinal thickness in the macula area in premature children who received laser photocoagulation of avascular retina for severe ROP. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:29-32.

Zavoloka OV, Bezditko PA, Lukhanin OO. Efficacy of a novel non-contact corneal esthesiometer in assessing the neurotrophic status of the cornea in T1DM patients with bacterial keratitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:29-33. 

Zhmud TM, Drozhzhina GI. Meibomian gland dysfunction accompanied by palpebral demodicosis in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:23-28. 

Experimental Studies

Abdulhadi Mohammad, Mikheitseva IN, Kolomiichuk SG. On the role of lipid metabolism and lipid peroxidation in the development of retinal disorders in type 2 diabetic rats with myopia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:56-63-48. 

Drozhzhyna GI, Pavlovskii MI, Pavlovskaia GIa. Peroxidation processes in ocular surface tissues in experimental hypothyroidism. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:64-68.

Khomiakova OV, Vit VV, Maletskyi AP. Comparing structural changes in the rabbit’s uveal tract after the use of a radiowave surgery unit versus a cutting tool. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:43-48.

Mikheitseva IM, Bondarenko NV, Kolomiichuk SG, Siroshtanenko TI. Oxidation and peroxidation in the uvea of the rabbit eyes with experimental uveitis and ocular hypertension. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:55-60.

Mikheitseva IM, Bondarenko NV, Kolmiichuk SG, Siroshtanenko TI, Trofimov MM, Zagrodska LV. The effect of high intraocular pressure on enzymatic antioxidant system of uveal tissues in the rabbits with experimental allergic uveitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:57-63.

Shchur MB, Strus KhI, Yashchenko AM. Lectin histochemical findings of modified glycome of corneal structural components in experimental hypothyroidism. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:49-56

Zadorozhnyy OS,  Nazaretian RE, Naumenko VA, Maltsev EV, Pasyechnikova NV. Structure of the chorioretinal complex in the rabbit eye after  vitrectomy. Report 3. Vitreous cavity irrigation with 36°С solution. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:49-55.

Case reports

Andrushkova OO, Malachkova NV, Grizhimalskaia KIu, Manko IeG, Zhmud TM.  A Case Report of Kussmaul-Maier Disease. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:52-56. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:57-58.

Konovalova NV, Khramenko NI, Slobodyanyk SB, Guzun OV. Coloboma of the optic disc: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:70-76.

Konovalova NV, Savko VV, Khramenko NI, Guzun OV, Slobodianyk SB, Zhuravok IuA, Savko VV, Jr. A case report of uveitis with ocular hypertension. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:70-75. 

Krivoruchko AS, Drachenko KG, Drachenko SK, Korol AR. Case Report: Solar retinopathy following exposure to reflected sunlight. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2018;2:61-66.

Lutsenko NS, Rudycheva OA, Isakova OA, Sergienko AN. OCT angiography for diagnosing and postoperative monitoring of serous maculopathy associated with optic disc pit. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:56-60.

Troychenko LF, Gaydamaka TB, Drozhzhyna GI. Combined Treatment for Recurrent Herpetic Stromal Keratitis with Ulceration: a Case Report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:61-64.

Zborovska OV, Pilkevich TS, Kuryltsiv NB, Samoluk NA. Proliferative diabetic retinopathy in unsuspected diabetes mellitus: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:67-69.

Literature Review

Maltsev DV,  Hurzhii OO. Toxoplasma chorioretinitis in primary myeloperoxidase MPO deficiency: A case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:75-81.

Zabolotnyi DI, Lukach EV, Sambur MB. Our current understanding of metastasis and the potential for predicting the course of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:69-74.

Innovations in Ophthalmology

Anatychuk LI, Pasyechnikova NV, Naumenko VA, Zadorozhnyy OS, Kobylianskyi RR, Gavrilyuk NV. A thermoelectric device for ophthalmic heat flux density measurements: results of piloting in healthy individuals. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:45-51. 

Practical advice for practitioners 

Brutskaya LA. Refractive correction with spectacles and ametropia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:57-58.

Pasyechnikova NV, Naumenko VA, Stoylovska EG, Arkusha AYu, Berezovska KO, Volkova YuS, Myrnenko VV. Report on Filatov Memorial Lectures – 2019, the Research-to-Practice Conference. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:59-62.

Slobodyanyk SB. Automated Static Perimetry for diagnostics of visual field defects in glaucoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:65-71.

Vasyuta VA, Pedachenko YuE. Neuro-opthalmological aspect of chiasmal-and-sellar disorders. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:73-77.


In Memory of Natalia Kovalenko, a Director of the Acad. Filatov Museum and Exhibition Complex. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;3:63-66.

Irina Gout-Radomska. A tribute to Ophthalmologist Jack J. Kanski. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;2:77-80.


A book review for “Keratoprosthesis” by S.A. Iakimenko, Prof., Dr. Med. Sc. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:78. 

Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2018. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;1:78-84.

Expert Consensus. Optimization of the anti-VEGF treatment regimens with aflibercept in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration and visual impairment as a result of diabetic macular edema. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;5:64-67. 

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History of Ophthalmology

Nadraga MS, Turchak OV. Ukrainian Ophthalmology in Names: Dr. Mykhailo Kos (1863-1930). J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;4:82-85.