Published on-line: 08 January 2020

Report concerning the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference «Topical Issues of Ophthalmology» 

N. V. Pasyechnikova, Dr. Med. Sc., prof., corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine; V. O. Naumenko, Dr. Med. Sc., prof.; V. V. Kapechuk, Cand. Med. Sc.; M. D. Vershynina, Cand. Med. Sc.;  K. O. Berezovska, junior research scientist; Yu. S. Volkova, junior research scientist; V. V. Myrnenko, research scientist.

TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Pasyechnikova NV, Naumenko VO, Kapechuk VV, Vershynina MD, Berezovska KO, Volkova YuS, Myrnenko VV. Report concerning the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference «Topical Issues of Ophthalmology». J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2019;6:76-77. http://doi.org/10.31288/oftalmolzh201967677

The All-Ukrainian research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" was organized in Ivano-Frankivsk on October 9-10, 2019. Organizers of this event were SI «The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine», SO «Ukrainian Society of Ophthalmologists», Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University with the support of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. This huge event in the sphere of health care included up-to-date research and practice program: 9 sessions, training event «The Filatov school» – simulation training «Puzzles in Uveitis» and a meeting of electronic posters. More than 52 Ukrainian and foreign experts presented innovative solutions, inventions, improvement in ophthalmology. 

In total, 397 experts in ophthalmology from all regions of Ukraine took part in the conference: Vinnytsia - 7, Volyn - 4, Dnipropetrovsk - 13, Donetsk - 6, Zhytomyr – 10, Zakarpattia – 10, Zaporizhzhia - 2, Ivano-Frankivsk - 78, Kyiv - 12, Kirovohrad - 5, Luhansk - 1, Lviv - 15, Mykolaiv - 30, Odesa - 50, Poltava - 14, Rivne - 25, Sumy - 20, Ternopil - 27, Kharkiv - 3, Kherson - 10, Khmelnytskyi - 10, Chernivtsi – 15 and the city Kyiv - 29, also 1 specialist from Moldova. 

Participants of the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" (scientists, researchers, practicing ophthalmologists and experts of allied directions (radiation therapists, neuropathists, phthisiologists, pharmacologists and biologists)) had an opportunity to exchange experience, increase skill level and expand occupational contacts.

61 scientific papers by ophthalmologists and related specialists (including 42 papers by the Filatov Institute coworkers) were published in the Proceedings of the Conference. 

The two-day program of the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" was devoted to priority fields of ophthalmology: eye cornea pathology, keratoplasty, traumas and burns of eyes and their appendages, crystalline lens pathology, glaucoma, new growths of an eye and an orbit, modern organ-preserving methods of treatment of ophthalmo-oncological diseases, diabetic pseudogliomas, vitreoretinal pathology, usage of laser during ophthalmo-pathology, reconstructive surgery, pathology of uvea, retina and optic nerve, ophthalmo-pathology of children's age, refraction anomalies, pathology of the oculomotor system. 

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Naumenko, Deputy Director for Clinic and Science of SI «The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine», Doctor of Medical Science, professor, Ukraine’s opinion leader on ocular manifestations of diabetes greeted the participants and wished fruitful work.

The first session was dedicated to inflammatory eye conditions, iridocyclitis sophisticated by retinovasculitis, methods of neuroprotection during inflammations of  the optic nerve, toxicant optic nerve disorders, results of ultrastructural alterations of chorioretinal patterns after alcohols infiltration during an experiment. 

Risks of the development of ocular hypertension, approaches to carrying out of target laser cyclocoagulation and new methods of treatment for glaucoma were discussed during the second session. 

The third session was dedicated to innovative approaches to diagnostics and treatment of FO pathology: diabetic eye disease, retinal separation, diseases of macule, retinopathy of prematurity.

The fourth session was devoted to one of difficult branches of general oncology - ophthalmo-oncology. Conservation therapy at intraocular melanomas, approaches to treatment of malignant tumors of an orbit and its appendages were discussed during this section. 

During the fifth session the attention was paid to approaches to treatment of diseases of anterior chamber of the eye, usage of crosslinking, some aspects concerning treatment of allergic manifestations in pediatrics. 

The sixth section was connected to providing emergency aid at injuries of eyes, aggressive approaches of third-degree burns of eyes, results of the use of diaphanoscopy for diagnostics and the right choice of treatment tactics of posttraumatic eye damages, approaches to operative therapy of scleral ruptures.

The Filatov school with training on simulation training "Puzzles in Uveitis" was done for the first time within the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference. There, doctors mastered new approaches in diagnostics and treatment of uveitis at seronegative spondyloarthropathy and choroiditis. Head of this training course was O.V. Zborovska, Doctor of Medicine (Odesa, Ukraine).

The second day of the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference started with the meeting devoted to binocular vision disorders, refractive errors and optometry. Such topics were discussed: mainstreams of remodelling and reablement of patients with partial sight, treatment of accommodation disorders, examination of cyclofusional reserves at children, results of electromyography in treatment of heterophthalmia. 

Methods of morioplasty were discussed at the eighth session. Speakers shared the experience of treatment of congenital pathology of an orbit, raised questions about reparative ophthalmoplasty, operative therapy of pathologies of eyelids and presented results of endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy.

The last ninth session was dedicated to inflammatory conditions of vascular tract, complications and results of treatment of patients with uveitis at general diseases, ocular tuberculosis in Ukraine. 

Partners of the All-Ukrainian research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" were such companies: BAUSCH HEALTH, Laboratoires Thea, Sona-PharmExim.

14 domestic and foreign companies presented pharmaceutical products, custom medical equipment, products for medical use and specialized medical books during the exhibition. 

The All-Ukrainian research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" afforded an opportunity to band famous scientists, researchers, medical practitioners and experts of allied directions for sharing experiences, expanding occupational contacts and business dealings. This helped to increase the main result of medical science – improvement in population health and disease prevention. 

As a result of discussion and shared experiences the following recommendations were accepted:

1.To pay attention to training of family physicians concerning assistance to patients with ophthalmopathology, obligatory sending to specialized institutions and regional centres for ophthalmology in case of glaucoma, retinal separation and other ocular diseases which lead to severe disability.

2.To strengthen dispensary observation of patients with severe ophthalmopathology: tumors of eyes and an orbit, glaucoma, retina pathologies, diabetic eye-lesions, damage results of visual organ.

3.To provide carrying out of annual screening examinations of patients with diabetes for the purpose of timely detection of diabetic eye disease.

4.To conduct scientific researches concerning efficiency of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of ocular tuberculosis.

5.To perform annual preventive examinations among children for prevention further growth of ocular diseases and adnexa.

6.To strengthen collaborative work of children's ophthalmologists and school health professionals directed to early detection of ocular pathology at children.

7.To hold the research/practice conference "Topical Issues of Ophthalmology" in Ternopil on September 23-24, 2020 for the purpose of professional development of ophthalmologists of Ukraine.