In the Memory of Professor Nikolai Leus

Professor Nikolai F. Leus, Head of Biochemistry Laboratory of the Filatov Institute, died suddenly at the age of 76 on the 11 May, 2016.   

Nikolai Leus was born in the town of Temryuk, Krasnodar Krai. On his graduating with honor from Odessa Medical Institute in 1963, Nikolai Leus was taken as an assistant and then as a postgraduate of Biochemistry Department of the institute. In 1967 he defended a thesis for Candidate of Medical Science and was transferred to a position of junior and later senior researcher at Biochemistry Laboratory at Scientific-Research Institute of Balneology. In 1975-77 he headed Biochemistry Laboratory at Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute; in 1976 he was given a title of senior researcher. In 1977 he won a competition for a vacant position of a senior researcher of Filatov Institute Biochemistry Laboratory which he headed in 1980. Nikolai Leus defended doctoral dissertation in 1986 and was given a title of Professor in 1989. 

Over the period of his work at the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy, he was involved in work on development and improvement of treatment for age-related, degenerative, and inflammatory eye diseases; clinical and experimental research for such eye diseases as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, stromal corneal dystrophy and recurrent erosions, herpetic keratitis, eye burns, cataract, glaucoma, and uveitis. 

One of the new directions is getting a collagen corneal module of the human cornea from enucleated eyes, studying mechanical and light technical parameters of the corneal matrix. There are animal investigations on transplantability and collagen fibers of transplanted matrix, and on creating the artificial cornea of recombinant human and porcine collagen. 

Nikolay Leus is an author of more than 320 scientific papers, 20 patents of Ukraine; he often presented his papers at congresses and conferences abroad. He was a scientific advisor for 2 doctoral and 14 PhD dissertations. 

Professor Nikolay Fedorovich Leus was always a goal-oriented and work-dedicated person with analytical skills and catholicity. Ophthalmology has lost in the person of professor Leus an initiative scientist, a high-skilled biochemist, an experienced researcher, and a good organizer. 

A bright memory of this remarkable man will always remain in the hearts and minds of his students and colleagues, friends and family.