Author index of Journal of Ophthalmology issues in 2015

Clinical Ophthalmology

Astapenko E. A., Malanchuk V. A., Chepurnoy Yu. V., Logvinenko I. P. Peculiarities of the first aid to patients with orbital injuries. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 32-38. Ukrainian.

Bezditko P. A., Lahorzhevska I. M., Zavoloka O. V. Clinical evaluation of efficacy of eradication therapy of Helicobacter pylory infection in patients with chronic central serous chorioretinopathy. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 30-35. Ukrainian.

Bobrova N. F., Sorochinskaya T. A. Retinoblastoma intravitreal chemotherapy (five-year’s experience). Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 59-68. Russian.

Boichuk I. M., Surovaya K. I., Kolomijchuk S. G. Content of the free and connected albuminous sulfide and disulfide groups in tear fluid depending on the degree of myopia in children. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:41-44. Russian.

Boichuk I.M., Mazur V.P. Features of bioelectric potentials of the extraocular horizontal rectus muscles in concomitant esotropia and exotropia. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:3-5.

Bushuyeva N. N., Malieva O. V. Long-term results of orthokeratologic therapy in patients with myopia. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:45-49. Russian.

Chudnyavtseva N. A., Rodina Yu.N., Khramenko N. I. Peculiarities of ophthalmohemodynamics in patients with severe eye trauma complicated by ciliochoroid detachment.  Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:35-40. Russian.

Drozhzhyna G. I., Troichenko L. F. New possibilities of substitution of the lipid layer of the tear film. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 13-17. Russian.

Gonchar’ E. N. The thickness of the retinal ganglion cells complex (GCC) and nerve fibers in the macular area in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) that received L-arginine in terms of their treatment. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;4:23-27.

Gritsenko Ia.A., Dmitriiev S.K., Pasyechnikova N.V. Improved phaco needle for dense nucleus. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:33-36.

Gritsenko Ya.A., Dmitriev S. K., Kovalchuk A. G., Skipa M. I., Belikova V. G., Batireva A. A., Pasechnikova N. V. An improved method for determining the density characteristics of the lens in patients with age-related cataract by ultrasound B-scan Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:96-102. Russian.

Grubnik N. P., Krasnovid T. A., Vit V. V. A system of assessing the severity degree of the foveal structural changes according to the data of spectral optic coherent tomography and visual acuity in the eyeball contusion.  Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:29-34. Russian.

Grubnik N. P., Krasnovid T. A., Vit V. V. Classification algorithm of determining the severity degree of structural changes of the fovea in contusion of the eyeball according to the data of spectral optic coherent tomography. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 27-31. Russian.

Gundorova R. A., Makarov P. V., Dontsova E. V., Kataev M. G., Kugusheva A. E. Transplantation of the amniotic membrane as a method of «reanimation» of the injured tissues in the eye burns. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:9-13. Russian.

Iskandarova Sh.T., Nabiyev A. M., Djamalova Sh.A., Makhmudova S. M. Disability due to ocular complications of diabetes. Ways of prevention. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 54-58. Russian.

Kaiotkina E. V., Chistyakova S. V., Tretyakova I. G. Results of treatment of refractive amblyopia in children. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 4-8. Russian.

Khramenko N.I. Ocular hemodynamics and activity of autonomic nervous system at different stages of the course of anterior uveitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:25-12.

Kochina M. L., Yavorsky A. V., Evtushenko A. S. The role of visual strain in the process of children and teenagers visual system formation. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2015;4:3-10.

Kolenko O. V., Sorokin E. L., Bloshinskaya I. A., Pomytkina N. V., Kolenko L. E. The state of the macula area in women after preeclampsia and after childbirth. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 47-53. Russian.

Konovalov M. E., Kozhukhov A. A., Zenina M. L., Gorenskiy A. A. A new method of sclerocorneal fixation of the posterior chamber intraocular lenses. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 9-12. Russian.

Konovalova N. V., Chaibi Abderrahim. Cellular and humoral immunity in patients with uveitis. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 39-43. Russian.

Konovalova N. V., Shaibi Abderrahim. The level of interferons α andγ in the blood of patients with uveitis with different clinical characteristic and course of the disease. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 24-29. Russian.

Konovalova N.V., Chaibi Abderrahim. Change of interferons α and γ levels in the blood of patients with uveitis as a result of combination therapy with the use of cycloferon, decametoxine electrophoresis and microwave therapy. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:17-22.

Konovalova N.V., Chaibi Abderrahim. The level of interferons α andγ in the blood of patients with uveitis of different clinical characteristic and course of the disease. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:30-34.

Levitskaya G.V.  Amino acids in the vitreous and intravitreal fluid in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment patients with different proliferative vitreoretinopathy grades. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;4:28-34.

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Levytska G., Kovalchuk A., Pasechnikova N. The state of ciliary body rhegmatogenous retinal detachment status in patients with complicated by choroidal detachment. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 42-46. Russian.

Lincoln Lavado Landeo. Diagnosis and Treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:7-12.

Malyugin B. E., Agafonova V. V., Frankovska-Gerlak M. Z., Chubar V. S. Evaluation of the effect of cataract phacoemulsification on the level of the intraocular pressure in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 18-23. Russian.

Medjidova S.R., Alieva Z. Role of the complex enzyme immunoassay testing in diagnosing uveitis in the presence of herpetic infection. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine). 2015;4:11-16.

Medvedchuk S.P., Bezdetko P.A., Parkhomenko G.Ia. Two-year results of treatment of open-angle glaucoma and concomitant cataract with combined phacoemulsification and Alcon EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration implant surgery. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:18-24.

Moiseenko N. M., Leskiv G. M. Neuroprotective therapy in compressive traumatic optic neuropathy caused by fracture of the orbit bone. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:75-78. Russian.

Mukhina A. Yu. Boichuk I. M.,Zhuravleva L. D. Peculiarities of visual functions in children with congenital myopia and amblyopia by just such of myopia degree. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:50-54. Russian.

Novytskyy M. I. Influence of the operation of endotrabecuoloectomy on glaucoma optical neuropathy course.  Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1: 19-23. Ukrainian.

Pasyechnikova N.V., Iakymenko S.A., Turchyn M.V., Buznyk O.I., Kostenko P.O. Use of keratoxenoimplant for therapeutic and therapeutic-and-tectonic keratoplasty in severe ocular burns and corneal ulcerations of various etiologies. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:13-17.

Pavluchenko K. P., Eschenko E. I. Efficacy of using cytoflavin and L-lysine escynate in complex treatment of anterior ischemic neuropathy.  Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:79-84. Russian.

Petrunya A. M., Yevsyukova O. A. Influence of immunotropic drugs on the immune indices of tear fluid and serum of patients with dry form of AMD. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:61-67. Russian.

Putienko A. A., Ali Elhaj, Pogorelyi D. M. Results of treatment of postvitrectomy vitreous hemorrhage in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 22-26. Russian.

Romanenko D., Bushuyeva N., Duhayer Sh., Pelypenko E. Results of surgical treatment of strabismus on the basis of the complex automized method of diagnosis. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2:4-9. Russian.

Rykov S. A., Parkhomenko O. G., Parkhomenko E. G. Improved method of fundus photography for screening of diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy using iPhone. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:91-95. Russian.

Troichenko L.F., Drozhzhina G.I.,  Vit V.V., Filonenko V.V., Khoruzhenko A.I. Importance of clinical and cytological factors for prediction of efficacy of treatment in persistent corneal epithelial defects and ulcers from different causes J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:3-6.

Ulyanova N. A., Velichko L. M., Bogdanova O. V. Expression of molecular markers of early and late lymphocyte activation and markers of autoimmune processes in patients with progressive myopia.  Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:55-60. Russian.

Umanets N. N. Bimanual endovitreal resection of uveal melanoma using high-frequency electric welding of biological tissues. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1: 24-28. Russian.

Usov V. Ya., Malstev E. V., Kritsun N. Yu. Surgical treatment of pterigium by using high frequency electrowelding of the biological tissues for fixation of free limbal-conjunctival autotransplant. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 10-15. Ukrainian.

Usov V.Ya., Maltsev E.V., Kritsun N.Yu. Clinical efficacy of pterygium surgery technique involving use of high frequency welding of biological tissues for fixing free limbal conjunctival autograft. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:6-12.

Velichko L. N. «Migratory» phenotype of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood in patients with uveal melanoma in preserving therapy of different efficacy. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 69-75. Russian.

Velichko L. N., Bogdanova A. V. Study of the influence of the drug amixin in vitro on the level of expression of lymphocyte activation markers in the peripheral blood of patients with uveal melanoma. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:68-74. Russian.

Velichko L. N., Maletskiy A. P., Vit V. V., Bogdanova A. V. Prediction of efficacy of organ-preserving treatment of patients with uveal melanoma with the aid of molecular markers of lymphocyte activation. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2:.44-48. Russian.

Velychko L.N., Vit V.V., Maletskyi A.P., Bogdanova A.V. Immunomodulating effect of adjuvant interferon inducers in patients receiving combined photocoagulation/ strontium-90 brachytherapy organ-saving treatment for uveal melanoma. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;4:17-22.

Yakimenko S. A., Amjad Albin. Condition of the tear production in conjunctival-corneal adhesion xerosis of the eye and possibilitites of its treatment. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 16-21. Russian.

Yakimenko S. A., Amjad Albin. The state of tear production in patients with cicatricial changes of the conjunctiva and cornea after severe eye burns and investigation of the possibilities of treatment of dry eye syndrome in these patients. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:5-8. Russian.

Zadorozhniy O. S., Korol A. R., Kustrin T. B., Shambra S. V., Nevskaya A. A. Visualization of the ciliary body structure by the method of infrared diaphanoscopy with transpalpebral lighting. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:85-90. Russian.

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Zhaboiedov D.G. Fixation of the intraocular lens SL-907 CENTRIX DZ in the lenticular sac fenestra as a result of anterior and posterior capsulorrhexis. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:13-16.


Experimental studies

Anatychuk L.I., Pasyechikova N.V., Zadorozhniy O.S., Nazaretian R.E., Mirnenko V.V., Kobylianskiy R.R., Havrilyuk N.V. Original device and approaches to the study of temperature distribution in various eye segments (experimental study). J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:50-53.

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Buznik O. I., Pasechnikova N. V., Yakimenko S. A., Islam M. M*., Griffith M*. Collagen-based corneal substitute with incorporated antiinfective peptide LL37 sustained delivery system. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:110-114. Russian.

Buznyk O.I., Lee C.-J., Islam M.M., Pasyechnikova  N.V., Griffith M. Antiviral properties of collagen-based corneal substitute incorporating sustained delivery system for anti-infective peptide LL37. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;5:42-45.

Drozhzhina G. I., Sereda E. V., Gaidamaka T. B., Vit V. V., Shabliy V. A., Lobyntseva G. S. Influence of the corneal biological covering with cryocorserved amniotic membrane on the peculiarities of the course of modeled bacterial keratitis. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:103-109. Russian.

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Literature review

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Case Reports

Bezdetko P.A., Savel’eva A.Iu., Stoliarova E.K. Topiromax-induced side effects: a case report. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;4:60-61.

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To help a practical doctor

Yakimenko S. A., Kostenko P. A. Modern methods of surgical rehabilitation of patients adhesion deformation or absence of the conjunctival cavity in anophthalmos. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 72-76 Russian.


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Memory to Lydmila Sergeevna Terentieva. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;1:140. Russian.

To the memory of professor Scripnichenko Z. M. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;2: 77-78. Russian.

To the memory of professor Dumbrovoy N. E. Oftalmol Zh. 2015;3: 104. Russian.

In memory of Professor Alla A. Vatchenko. J.ophthalmol.(Ukraine).2015;6:72.