70th Anniversary of the Library at Filatov Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy Institute

In March 2016, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Library at Filatov Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy Institute, which was founded in 1964 at the direction of academician V.P. Filatov.

For many years, the library was under the care of Nikolai P. Korolev, and then he was relieved by Elizaveta G. Ershkovich, an old stager at librarianship. Afterwards, over a number of years, the library was headed by Galina A. Chivireva. However, these names are remembered merely by the eldest employees of the Institute; and younger generation keep a grateful remembrance of Tamila A. Marysheva. Over the years, Tamila Marysheva performed bibliographic work, and then she headed the team of the library, being its irreplaceable chief and contributing greatly to library collection. At the present time, the chief librarian is Svetlana M. Belousova.

Over the period of its existence, the Filatov Institute Library has collected valuable literature on ophthalmology in the Russian and foreign languages as well as a great number of references and literature on biology and general medicine. Library collection includes valuable and unique dissertations and books by pioneers of ophthalmology M.I. Averbach, S.S. Golovin, V.P. Filatov, V.P. Odintsov, as well as rare manuals on ophthalmology. A lot of books were gifted by academician V.P. Filatov from his private collection. There are also serial titles available for readers including all Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal (Journal of Ophthalmology (Ukraine)) issues.

The Library is engaged in reference, information and bibliographic work and serves to all workers of the Filatov Institute, ophthalmologists from Odessa and Odessa region and other cities of Ukraine, all fellows and conference attendees. All publications and editions of the Institute workers are carefully collected. At present, the fund of the Library numbers about 45 thousand issues. 

The reference system of the Library (catalogues and files) has been organized since the first years and is still growing and expanding. It plays a significant role in the scientific and research work of the Filatov Institute, despite the increasing information access via internet. Strategy and purposes of the Library are not changed; they consist in improving the information delivery to ophthalmologists, implementing up-to-date informative technologies, providing comprehensive bibliographic control and extensive disclosure of librarian foundation. The Library is in search of new sources to renew the collection, including e-title collection.

A lot of interesting and important books and journals have been gifted by the workers of the Institute.

The Library is grateful to active readers and sponsors: Prof. Serdyuchenko V.I., Prof, Maltsev E.V., and editor Zbandut I. S. for regular consultative assistance; I.O Nasinnik for e-collection development; and workers of Pathomorphology Laboratory for regular renewal of fiction collection.

During this anniversary year, the scientific library of the Filatov institute runs a special “Let’s complete the library collection together” for all to participate.

The employees of the Filatov Institute, readers of the library and editorials of Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal congratulate the Filatov Institute librarians on the Anniversary and wish them further success in their distinguished work.