Oftalmol Zh.2015;3:9-12


A new method of sclerocorneal fixation of the posterior chamber intraocular lenses

Konovalov M. E., Kozhukhov A. A., Zenina M. L., Gorenskiy A. A.

LLC «Ophthalmic Center of Konovalov»; Moscow (Russia)

Introduction: There are several ways to treat complicated aphakia, which prevents standard fixation of intracapsular IOL. Each of these methods has its own fixation advantages and disadvantages. 

Purpose: To develop a safe and effective treatment of complicated aphakia by trans-scleral fixation of the posterior chamber IOL. 

Material and methods: We examined 8 patients. There was found brown cataract in 2 patients, high density- in 3 patients. 3 eyes were diagnosed lens subluxation of the second degree, in 2 eyes — luxation of the lens into the vitreous body. Aphakia occurred in 3 eyes: in 2 cases it was traumatic aphakia. 

Results: During the ultrasound biomicroscopy 1 week after surgery correct IOL central location was confirmed in seven cases. Its decentration by 1 mm in the vertical plane has been found in one eye. 

Conclusion: The method is less traumatic and highly effective leading to rapid visual and social rehabilitation.

Key words. Complicated, aphakia, posterior chamber intraocular lenses, sclerocorneal fixation


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