Oftalmol Zh.2013;4:67-71


Ultrastructural changes in the choroid and retina of the rabbit immediately after exposure to different modes of high-frequency electric welding of biological tissues

N. N. Umanets, N. E. Dumbrova, N. I. Molchanyuk

SI «The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy NAMS of Ukraine» Odessa, Ukraine

Key words: choroid, retina, high-frequency electric welding, ultrastructural change, experiment

Introduction. High-frequency electric welding of biological tissues (EWBT)- a new method for electrosurgical exposure that is different from the existing ability to minimize the destructive action of the electric current in the connection or discon-nection of soft tissue.

Purpose. To evaluate the ultrastructural change of choroid and retina of a rabbit immediately after the application of various modes of EWBT. 

Material and methods. For study were selected 6 rabbits (12 eyes) were divided into two groups depending on the parameters of the electric current. 

Results. In the first group of animals (electric current parameters: voltage — 14—16 V, amperage — 0.1 A, the frequency — 66 kHz), EWBT accompanied by minimal changes alterative structures of the choroid and retina. In this case, between the outer layers of the retina and pigment epithelium constitutes a «sticky» substrate consisting mainly of denatured proteins. In the second group of animals (electric current parameters: voltage — 18—20 V, amperage — 0.1 A, frequency — 66kHz) observed more pronounced alterative changes in the ultrastructure of the retina and choroid, accompanied by partial destruction of the retinal pigment epithelial cells, choroidal endothelial cells and photoreceptors.

Conclusion. Thus our study allows us to recommend the use of EWBT (electric current parameters: voltage — 14—16 V, Current — 0.1 A, frequency 66 kHz) for reti-nopexia during transvitreal intervention tools caliber 20 G in the presence ofvitreous.


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