Oftalmol Zh.2012;6:39-42.

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Ulyanova N. A., Venger L. V.

Odessa, Ukraine

The paper gives the results of examination of the retinal macular area by spectral optical coherence tomography in patients with high degree myopia. There were examined 37 patients with high degree myopia, 14 patients (26 eyes) with refractive type of myopia, 18 patients (36 eyes) with high axial myopia, 5 patients (5 eyes) with high axial myopia and presence of the macular holes. It was established that the macular holes in high axial myopia were morphologically different from idiopathic ones and were associated with changes in the basal complex and presence of foveoschisis. The presence of foveoschisis has a very important role in pathogenesis of the macular holes in patients with high degree axial myopia.


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