Oftalmol Zh.2012;6:11-14.

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Sakovich V. N., Nikitchina T. S., Sherbakov B. D.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Cornea densitometry data of patients with herpetic keratitis and healthy corneas are given. By applying the anterior segment analyzer Pentacam HR (OCULUS) noncontact and quick corneal optic density imagination is possible. In cases of superficial herpetic keratitis the mean densitometry index is equal to 46.2±4.2 d.un., in cases of deep forms — 50.8±10.2 d.un. Mean densitometry index of healthy corneas is equal to 17.8±2.4 d.un. The anterior segment analyzer allows to evaluate pathologic changes of the cornea and to control the effectiveness of treatment in dynamics.


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