Problems of clinical ophthalmology

Pasechnikova N. V., Zavgorodnyaya T. S., Dragomiretskaya E. I. Diagnostic criteria of keratoconus taking into account initial data of the cornea and their significance in the classification.

Drozhzhina G. I., Gaidamaka T. B. The peculiarities of the clinical course and treatment of herpes zoster keratitis.

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Ponomarchuk V. S., Khramenko N. I., Gaffari Sakhbi Ben Mohamed Monsef. Influence of Cortexin on photopic light sensitivity in patients with rhegmato-genic retinal detachment

Drozdovaksaya V. S., Goncharova N. A., Denisov I. A. Treatment efficacy of the patients with the syndrome of retrobulbar neuritis depending on its etiology and peculiarities of pathogenesis.

Polyakova S. I. Information value of clinical and computer symptomatology in differentiation of chronic productive inflammation in the lacrimal gland.

Bezdetko P. A., Zubkova D. A., Kutsin V. N. Clinical — tomographic peculiarities of the acute inflammatory diseases of the orbit.

Safronenkova I. A. The immune system state in patients with malignant epithelial tumors of the eyelids.

Naritsina N. I., Konovalova N. V., Serebrina T. M., Novik A. Ya., Mikhailichenko L. A., Rubalko A. V. Ocular manifestations of the syndrome of Arnoldi — Kiari.

Krasnovid T. A., Grubnik N. P., Aslanova V. S. Traumatic injuries of the eyes caused by firework.

Experimental studies

Sakovich V. N., Giesmi Chiraz. Investigation of the activity of lysosomal enzymes in the tear fluid with pyo-bacteriophage application for the treatment of bacterial keratitis.

Savko V. V., Vashah Ziyad Mahmud Ahmed. Influence of the uveal tract inflammation on the processes of peroxide oxidation of lipids in the animal retina in long-term light effect.

Sakovich V. N., Al Kayami Fadi Zakaria. Influence of probiotic subalin on the processes of free radical oxidation of lipids and enzymes of the antioxidant system in experimental uveitis.

Umanets N. I. Ivanitskaya E. V., Zavodnaya V. S., Levitskiy I. M. Differences in structure changes in the retina of a rabbit after the action the unipole high-frequency electro-welding of biological tissues and diode laser coagulation according to the data of the optical coherent tomography.

Zborovska O. V., Kuryltsiv N. B. Evaluation of the clinical picture and immunological status of the laboratory animals in modeling of staphylococcus aureus endophthalmitis.

Literature review

Maltsev E. V., Zborovskaya A. V., Dorokhova A. E. Neu-rodegeneration and neuroprotection in diabetic retinopathy.

Tsukanova I. V. Transpupillary thermotherapy in treatment of melanoma of choroid of T1 stage.

To aid the practical doctor

Bobrova N. F., Naumenko V. A., Sorochinskaya T. A., Tronina S. A., Dembovetskaya G. M. Diagnosis and treatment of children with malignant tumor of the retina — retinoblastoma in Ukraine (protocols).


The 90th birthday anniversary of the professor I. L. Fer-filfine.

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