Oftalmol Zh.2011;3:21-25.

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S. S. Rodin, N. N. Umanets, E. G. Brazhnikova, A. R. Korol, E. V. Kovaleva

Odessa, Ukraine

The efficiency of the intravitreous gas injection (pneumatic retinopexy — PR) as a method of idiopathic macular hole (IMH) treatment of 41 patients (44 eyes) with a single intravitreous injection of perfluoropropane (C3F8) was evaluated. IMH was at the 2nd stage in 28 eyes and at the 3rd and 4th stages in 16 eyes. We have used longer period of face down position (the minimum period of such position is 4 weeks) and the volume of the injected gas in its expanded state was up to 50 % of the vitreous cavity. The overall rate of the macular hole closure after 4—6 weeks after gas injection was 56.8 % in cases with the 2nd -4th stage of the macular hole. IMH was closed in 82.2 % of cases of the 2nd stage of the macular hole and only in 12.5 % of the 3rd-4th stages of IMH. The attachment of the macular hole edges was achieved in 31.2 % of cases. The improvement of visual acuity (VA) was achieved in all cases. VA > 3/10 after surgery was in 64 % eyes with the 2nd stage of IMH and 19 % in eyes with the 3rd-4th stages.


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