Oftalmol Zh.2013;4:21-23


Possibilities of using the preparations of the company «WORLD MEDLINE» in complex pharmacological provision of cataract surgery

D. M. Miroshnik

Regional Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medicine, Kharkov


Key words: phacoemulsification of cataract, preoperative preparation, complications

There was carried out the study of the possibility of applying the preparations of the production of the company "World Medline" in the pharmacological provision of cataract surgery. There was established the effectiveness of the ocular drops tobri-medi floxmed for prevention of infectious complications. The use of clodifen in the preoperative preparation contributed to the creation of adequate mydriasis during the operation. Management of the postoperative period was completely provided by the administration of the ocular drops of neladex, medexol and clodifen during the whole follow-up period.


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